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【Tungs' Hospital】Bravely Overcoming Challenges: The Recovery Journey of a Young Boy with Congenital Torticollis

Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital   Last Update:2023-10-02


Tungs' Hospital in Wuci District, Taichung, has always been dedicated to the well-being of children.
Here, we have a story that fills us with pride, narrating the inspiring journey of a young boy who bravely conquered
congenital torticollis and achieved a remarkable recovery. Throughout this process, Tungs' Hospital showcased
exceptional medical expertise and the invaluable assistance of rehabilitation specialists.
In a remote village in Kazakhstan, there lived a charming 5-year-old boy named Enkhjargal.
Enkhjargal's family was always filled with love and unwavering determination. However, with the help of
local healthcare facilities, they eventually noticed that his head frequently tilted to one side. Local physicians
quickly diagnosed him with severe congenital torticollis. Recognizing the limitations of local medical
capabilities, they decided to transfer Enkhjargal to Tungs' Hospital, seeking more specialized treatment.

Assistance from Tungs' Hospital's Children's surgery and Rehabilitation Specialists:
Upon Enkhjargal's arrival at Tungs' Hospital, a team of dedicated medical professionals immediately conducted
a comprehensive evaluation, confirming his condition of congenital torticollis. The hospital's doctors devised a
personalized treatment plan using state-of-the-art medical technology, ensuring he received the best care possible.
Throughout the recovery process, the expertise of rehabilitation specialists was indispensable. Tungs' Hospital's
physical therapists and nursing team developed a meticulously designed rehabilitation program aimed at alleviating
Enkhjargal's neck muscle tension and improving his posture. Rehabilitation specialists not only provided treatment
at the hospital but also taught Enkhjargal's family how to assist him with exercises at home, ensuring the continuity
of his treatment.

Several months later, Enkhjargal's recovery progress was astonishing. His head no longer tilted, allowing for
free movement, and his posture had significantly improved. His family was deeply grateful for the medical expertise
of Tungs' Hospital and the professionalism of the rehabilitation specialists. They were pleasantly surprised by
their son's remarkable recovery.

Today, Enkhjargal has returned to a normal childhood life, participating in various activities without the burden of torticollis.
We remind all parents to regularly observe their children for symptoms of neck tilting. If you have concerns, please
do not hesitate to give professional physicians an opportunity to help your child grow up healthy. Additionally, it's essential
to note that torticollis may not only affect children but also adults, so it's crucial to seek medical attention early to ensure your well-being.


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