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【Dr. Wang Reproductive Fertility Center】It Takes A Village To Create A Child

Dr. Wang Reproductive Fertility Center   Last Update:2024-04-16


An African proverb: It takes a village to raise a child!  Our W purpose: It takes a village to create a child at W, no one is an outsider! Let alone TWO child!


A 36-year-old Japanese patient, has gone through many times of egg retrieval, embryo PGS, and several miscarriages. Carrying all the hardness and heavy frustration at such a young age is difficult for others to imagine. It’s lucky to be at W, a non-PGS embryo finally makes her pregnant!


There is an advantage in W, when you come in W, many doctors will take care of you together regardless of each other! These reproductive doctors and rheumatologist   are never worry about transferring patients, they think as a doctor should make you well with whole their heart. The superintendent Dr.Wang says, the pregnant rate is first thing of all, don’t push your patient to do any unnecessary treatment.


In Dr.Chen, Superintendent Wang, Dr. Yang’s good hands and discussions, this young couple finally successed without PGS. After carefully picking two embryoes, immunitive use the simple least dose of asprin and heparin plus a low dose of intralipid, finally bring a pair of lovely biracial babies into the world.


Ah! A twin is a kind of healing (to us), so as to show the W spirit—A whole village’s love! Our nurses can not help but eager to hold the babies while withdrawing the blood and doing the injections! Our nurses have baby-sitting experiences! Wbestivf nursing home! I encourage you W parents registerd our immursive baby-sitting service as early as possible. (You know it’s only a joke.) 


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