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【Taipei Fertility Center 】 A Remarkable Journey of Pregnancy at Advanced Maternal Age

Taipei Fertility Center   Last Update:2024-06-04

 At 41 years old, after 12 years of attempting to conceive with an AMH of 0.65 ng/mL, her path was undeniably arduous. This challenging case demanded racing against time and strategically focusing treatment where it truly mattered.

Drawing on years of accumulated clinical experience, Dr. Lin planned 2 consecutive cycles of egg retrieval, cultivating embryos initially without performing PGS. The first transfer involved 2 embryos, but unfortunately it failed. Undeterred, the second attempt with 4 embryos resulted in the implantation of 2, with ultimately only 1 successfully developing.


Dr. Lin closely monitored this couple's situation, and his dedication paid off when they received the reassuring news of a normal amniocentesis at 28 weeks into a safe pregnancy! 


Reflecting on their journey, Dr. Lin emotionally expressed, "Caring for them has been incredibly moving, and I feel a profound sense of accomplishment. I'm thankful to my patients for trusting my medical assessments and clinical decisions, and I'm grateful to God for making all of this possible."


TFC wishes everyone the best of luck!

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