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A brain tumor patient from Palau received cyberknife radiosurgery

  Last Update:2014-10-20

Lilian from Palau had been bed-ridden for more than one year because of her brain tumor. She received internal drainage to control the increased pressure inside her skull in the Philippines. That was all treatment she could get in Palau. TMU-WFMC medical team was sent to Palau under the sponsorship of the International Cooperation and Development Fund. At the first clinic visit, she was confirmed to have the diagnosis of a brain tumor, the tumor mass was putting pressure on the brain stem and cerebellum. With the help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Health, and Far Eastern Airlines, the patient, her sister and Tasha, the nursing director of Palau National Hospital, came to TMU-WFMC with gift airplane tickets. First, she received surgery to reduce her intracranial pressure. Then, she received four series of cyberknife radiosurgery. TMU-WFMC also provided her a special walker. Although Lilian had been to several places in different countries for the treatment of her disease, the medical team at TMU-WFMC, was the most friendly and professional she had ever experienced. Lilian was grateful for the excellent care she received at TMU-WFMC. When she was discharged from hospital, she hugged every member of our medical team. They also exchanged telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. With a get-well card attached to the special walker, the medical team wished Lilian a speedy recovery when she continued her rehabilitation therapy in her homeland, Palau.

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