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Travel Overseas seeking medical help to cure chronic disease

  Last Update:2014-10-20

I was born in Malaysia in 1987 and was once a naïve little girl. At the age of 12, everything changed in my life.
I went to school one day as usual and played with my classmates. I fell down accidentally and got hurt on my right knee. After few days, my feet started to swell. I went to a nearby clinic immediately. Doctor diagnosed as swelling due to wound inflammation. I took the medicine for infection but not effective. My foot got more swollen than before. Then, I went to the hospital for total body check-up. After checking several times, some doctors said this phenomenon could be due to congenital defect.
Although I was just a six-grade-student, the pressure from examination was quite big. I continued need to seek for medial help. Luckily, I was a good student. At that time, my foot was getting more swollen. Although I could walk as usual, my parents and me had looked for medical help everywhere. My parents spent a lot of time and money in search of a suitable doctor (both traditional Chinese doctor and western doctor) to cure this disease but in vain.

Until Year 2007, my friend learned that there is a hospital in China which can possibly cure my disease. He helped me arrange for the medial trip. My parents went with me to the hospital and I took some physical check-up. The result was just lymph swelling but could not be cured. I took some thermal therapy and the swelling was improved. However, 3 weeks later, my foot became swollen again. I was in no mood for continuing the treatment. The swelling still cannot be cured even after I went to China. I was so disappointed and went back to Malaysia.

I went backed to work in Malaysia. I kept on busy and did not want to think about anything. Until Sept, 2008, I read a report from a magazine. A patient with swollen feet has been cured at Wan Fang Hospital in Taiwan. I searched the related information from internet. I started to contact medical staff at Wan Fang Hospitaland checked about the treatment for lymph edema.

Since I was working at that time, I need to arrange the activities in Malaysia well before I went to Taiwan to cure my disease. My parents and husband accompanied me to Taiwan on 18 Mar, 2009. I admitted to hospital on 19 Mar, 2009 and did some in-depth check-up. The result in the report stated that swelling was due to the pressure pelvic artery on pelvic vein. It needs to install the stents in pelvic vein. Operation would be taken place on 25 Mar, 2009. I was so scared about the operation.

I underwent the operation on 25 Mar, 2009 at 3:00pm. It took eight hours until 11:00pm.Since I slept on the bed for whole day, it was so painful after I woke up the next day. Luckily, my husband supported me a lot during that period. My husband stayed with me and my parents went back to Malaysia. On the day of changing dressing, the swelling has been improved. Thank the doctor a lot. During the stay in the hospital, we had some personal problems. Luckily, the problems were solved with the help of the staff from International Medical Centre. Thank you so much for their help. I also thank for the care from the nurses.

Until 7April, 2009, I knew that I could depart hospital the next day. I was delighted to hear this news. But I missed the medical staff who had been helping me in these three weeks. After the departure from hospital, my husband and me moved to the house of the person whom I met in the hospital. They took care us and arranged a trip of 3 days 2 nights in Hualien . We had a happy time there and Taiwan is very beautiful.

I returned to the hospital for follow-up visit and the legs became smaller. I was so delighted about this. On 11 May, 2009, I went back to Malaysia. The improvement is better than expected. Here I would like to thank you for the care of our relatives. Also, thank you for the arrangement from Wan Fang Hospital International Liasion Centre, Doctor Hue Wen Hsien and the treatment and care from medical team. Thanks a lot!!

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