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Japanese undergoes Spinal Cord Surgery in Taiwan

  Last Update:2014-10-20

Japanese medical treatment has a high standard, as a result, most people hardly consider about traveling to Taiwan to take medical treatment. However, Mr. Asato made a different decision; he chose to come over to Wan Fang Hospital in Taiwan to receive a spinal cord surgery in order to reduce the pain that is caused by a deformed spinal cord. He was not only satisfied with the surgery result, but also was left with a deep impression of the highly skilled techniques performed as well as the excellent care taking provided by the medical treatment team during the process of his medical treatment.

Mr. Asato has a habit of jogging. Because he had been wearing sneakers that are not suitable or appropriate for jogging purposes, for an extended period of time, jogging, originally beneficial to health, became the major cause to Mr. Asato’s spinal cord injury. This injury prevented him from walking and standing upright, and gave him difficulty to lie flat on the bed; it was extremely painful for him. Back in Japan, Mr. Asato has seen all the well-known doctors in his country to seek for a cure for the pain that was caused by his spinal cord injury. However, all the doctors he’s seen told him that there is no cure for spinal curvature in Japan. Additionally, Mr. Asato also heard about a hospital in Japan that can aim at treating the type of sickness that Mr. Asato is in pain with, but the drawback is that Mr. Asato would have to be hospitalized for 3 months. After taking all aspects in consideration, Mr. Asato decided to accept a friend’s recommendation to travel across the sea to Wan Fang Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan from Okinawa, Japan to receive a surgical operation.

Under a skillful and professional operation, Mr. Asato’s surgery was a big success. The first day after his surgery, he got off his bed, headed towards the bathroom, and looked at himself through the mirror. With a cheerful smile, he exclaimed that he’s grown taller. The surgery not only provided a relief from Mr. Asato’s pain that was caused by spinal curvature, but also allowed him to walk upright. During his hospitalization, Mr, Asato was deeply moved not only by the professional medical treatment he’s received, but also by the doctors and medical treatment team of the hospital. He was left with the deep impression of their excellent care he’s received. Moreover, Mr. Asato also shared with us his feelings toward medical treatment in Taiwan compared to his home country Japan. He gladly points out that, unlike Japan, doctors in Taiwan, such as Doctor Kuo-Sheng Hong, the doctor in charge of his treatment, constantly visits his ward after his surgical operation, to check on how he is doing with his recovery. Mr. Asato highly praises Taiwanese doctors and medical treatment team, emphasizing how they are extremely friendly and caring when treating their patients.

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