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A New Beginning After a Decade

Taipei Medical University Hospital   Last Update:2016-12-28
Ms. Yang from Myanmar had suffered from dizziness and weakness for over a decade. Due to the lack of readily available medical resources and exorbitant medical fees in Thailand, her daughter decided to take her mother to Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH) for a medical checkup and to undergo treatment for Ms. Yang’s condition. The health checkup revealed abnormalities in her hear. After further examinations from our Cardiac Surgeons, she was diagnosed with heart failure, mitral and aortic regurgitation, and chronic ischemic heart disease. It was clear Ms. Yang needed Aortic Heart Valve Replacement Surgery. After consulting with our specialists, Ms. Yang and her family decided to undergo the surgery at our hospital. The surgery was a huge success and Ms. Yang recovered quickly. After her return to Myanmar, she wrote back to express her gratitude for the care she experienced at TMUH has provided for her. We are honored to serve you Ms. Yang and wish you all the best!


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