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A Thank-you Letter from Chinese Patient with Lung Cancer

E-DA HOSPITAL   Last Update:2017-03-15

 Mr. Lee, a 69-year-old lung cancer patient came from China, had undergone a series of cancer treatments including chemotherapy at E-Da Hospital.

Mr. Lee and his family first heard of E-Da Hospital through one of their friends. Patient’s son, who was with the patient every treatment session, wrote a thank-you letter to express his father and his gratitude toward Miss Elena, IPC coordinator, as well as all medical staff.

Patient’s son described  on the very first day of his visit,he was really amazed by the elegant interior design of the building and how different the atmosphere it was comparing with other hospitals. Also, he stressed on how caring and thoughtful of nursing staff was when his father received the PET/CT examination. He hoped that his father would recover in this home-like facility.


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