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A Thank-you Letter from American Patient with Lung Cancer

E-Da Hospital   Last Update:2018-01-03

Mrs. Cheng is a 63-year-old Taiwanese, who was diagnosed with lung adenocarcinomas in September 2013. Mrs. Cheng was born in Taiwan, and then relocated to Texas, USA 29 years ago. She first came to E-Da Hospital for health screening, however, she discovered a 3.5cm tumor in her right lung. Dr. Yu-Jen Cheng, Chief of Surgery at E-Da Cancer Hospital, was her attending physician at that time, performed lobectomy on her. After the surgery, Mrs. Cheng received a series of radiotherapy within the next 6 months. She now comes back to E-Da Hospital for follow-up visits on regular basis. In her thank-you letter, she said although the top ranking cancer hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center, was just a couple miles away from her, she still determined to come to E-Da Hospital which was thousands miles away. Also, Mrs. Cheng had strong belief in Dr. Yu-Jen Cheng’s professional expertise as well as all medical staff at E-Da Hospital. She said because of E-Da Hospital, she was able to celebrate her birthday and many more birthdays to come! 


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