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A Thank-you Letter from Chinese Patient with Prostate Cancer

E-Da Hospital   Last Update:2018-01-03

Mr. Pan, originally came from China, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April 2015. Due to his age (80 years old) and overall health, Mr. Pan was scheduled for 3-month hormone therapy. Now, he comes back to E-Da Hospital for follow- up visits on regular basis.

In his thank-you letter, he complimented on his attending physician, Dr. Tsan-Jung Yu, Administrator of E-Da Dachang Hospital. He was very pleased with how thorough and professional Dr. Yu was.

Mr. Pan also mentioned about Dr. Chi-Ming Tai who performed Intestinal polyp surgery on him. He didn’t feel any discomfort, but recuperated quickly right after the surgery.

Lastly, he was thankful for IPC Coordinator, Ms. Elena Wu, who had taken care of many arrangements so that he and his family didn’t have to worry about. All in all, Mr. Pan has a pleasant experience with E-Da Hospital during his stay.  


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