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A Thank-you Letter from Vietnamese Patient with Breast Cancer

A Thank-you Letter from Vietnamese Patient with Breast Cancer   Last Update:2018-01-05

A 46-year-old Vietnamese was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.Over the next four years, she travelled to a well-known hospital in Singapore for cure. Still, the disease had spread well beyond the breast into lungs and liver by the end of 2013. She felt exhausted physically and mentally after spending large amounts of money and time on travelling overseas for the treatments, but there were no positives outcomes.

One of her friends recommended her E-Da Hospital for cancer therapies early 2014. When she first arrived at E-DA Hospital, she was touched by how compassionate the physicians were. She believed that her condition would improve under such caring environment.

Ten months after the treatment, all of her tests had come out normal. She felt really fortunate and blessed to be treated and taken care of at E-DA Hospital. She said if anyone has had the medical problems should come to E-Da Hospital for further treatments so that they could recover, just like she did.


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