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CCH provided minimally invasive surgery for worker from DDK Group co. Ltd.

  Last Update:2014-07-16

    In 2014, protested in Vietnam caused a factory of DDK Group co. Ltd. numerous injuries and damage. Mr. Liu, the management associate of DDK group, the nerve of his right palm was hurt because of the serious injury. Local hospitals couldn’t treat this kind of injury, so Mr. Liu was sent to the biggest hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. He received sutures and treatments there, but the outcome wasn’t very well. And later he was sent to China, still no improve on his condition.
    Changhua Christian Hospital has very good relationship with Taiwanese businessman in Vietnam, after hearing Mr. Liu’s situation, Dr. Kuo, Shou-Jen, the superintendent of CCH decided to help providing minimally invasive surgery to reconstruct the nerve of his right palm. Mr. Liu received the surgery and recovery well at CCH on October, 2014.


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