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Taiwan-Myanmar International Charity Medical Program-Little Girl – Let Returning to Homeland

International Center / China Medical University Hospital   Last Update:2019-04-04

Taiwan-Myanmar International Charity Medical Program

Little Girl – Let Returning to Homeland


CMUH International Center

Taiwan’s international charity medical program is on the spotlight again by delivering love to Myanmar. The 11-year-old girl, Let from Myanmar had Goldenhar syndrome and came to Taiwan 2018 August for medical treatment, with NTD3 million sponsored by Pou Chen Group. Having undergone 7 months of surgical treatment, Let has improved her previous blurry vision and rebuilt her beautiful right year, completing the treatment for that stage. Let received blessings from everyone with joy before returning to her country and she said “thank you, Taiwan” and “thank you all” heartedly in Mandarin Chinese.

Multiple efforts exerted in the international charity medical program to treat Myanmar little girl with new birth.

Let has received multiple helps for the overseas medical treatment. She was initially helped by Christian International Holistic Care Missionary Association that sought for medical treatment in Taiwan, which underwent the joint cooperation between TAITRA and CMUH International Medical Service Center, with the sponsorship by Pou Chen Group for medical fundraising before accomplishing this mission. The different departments attended the press conference with enthusiasm, giving Let most blessings and encouragement to jointly witness the medical miracle of love.

CMUH Deputy Superintendent Li-Hui Yang thanked the medical team and all communities for the good deeds, with sentiment. As mother, Yang could feel the pain that the mother of Let went through in the company of medical treatment. Let was brave to survive through the surgery, rehabilitation and various torments. Yang gave thumbed up for the power of mother’s love between Let and her mother. Pou Chen Group Chairman Lu-Ming Zhan expressed his pleasure to see Let becoming happier each day and that she could recover her happy life, which makes everything worthwhile. Over the years, Pou Chen Group pursed for “profits with quality” and the so-called quality does not only refer to products manufactured but also includes the quality requirement in the administration and management of the group as well as the quality requirement in corporate culture. Such concept is fully reflected in the international charity medical program that helped Let. TAITRA Secretary General Ming-Shui Ye stated that the power of love can cross the border and break language barrier. Pou Chen Group delivered love to Myanmar and exhibited the concept of great love, making Pou Chen the paradigm in Taiwanese companies overseas. TAITRA is the best partner for enterprises in market expansion to the international markets, which organization also markets Taiwan’s medical warm power and medical industries worldwide.

Christian International Holistic Care Missionary Association Director Jing-Zhou Dai appreciated the help from all communities in Taiwan and he expressed the gratitude for Let to receive such excellent medical care, so Let could perceive the full energy of love in Taiwan, which will also encourage her to greet a new beautiful life with confidence and health.

Taiwan-Myanmar Economic Trading and Culture Exchange Association Director Yang Chia expressed how happy and moved he was to see Let rebuilding her confidence and leading a loving life under the help of all communities. Taiwan-Myanmar Economic Trading and Culture Exchange Association and Representative of Myanmar Trade Office in Taiwan- Dr. Myo Thet will continue to provide services and develop the economic trade, international medical program, and cultural exchange work between Taiwan and Myanmar in-depth. Foreign Affairs Central Office –Central Taiwan Office Minister, Ambassador Zi-Zheng Song stated that the international charity medical program has fully disclosed the robust soft power of Taiwan in international communities. Medical care is borderless while the joint efforts by people not only help Let but also exposes Taiwan with international visibility and image.

The surgery improved blurry vision and rebuilt the right ear through interdepartmental team cooperation; Let and her mother “thanked Taiwan.”

To provide medical treatment to Let, CMUH International Medical Service Center Superintendent Hung-Chi Chen formed the interdepartmental special medical team (comprising ophthalmology, dentistry, Otorhinolaryngology, Neurology, and plastic surgery…etc.) to implement a 3-stage treatment program. Superintendent Hung-Chi Chen indicated that Department of Ophthalmology Director – Hui-Ru Lin was in charge of the ophthalmology surgery in the first stage. The surgery has cured Let’s previous blurry vision, astigmatism and strabismus, improving her vision from 0.1 to 0.7 diopters, her astigmatism diopters declining from 750 to 500, while improving symptoms of strabismus. Let underwent active correction and rehabilitation with excellent vision recovery. Superintendent Hung-Chi Chen took over the second stage to by removing the rib from Let. Let’s right ear auricle was rebuilt after several surgeries and she now has beautiful ears. The third-stage surgery is scheduled to be taken over by Department of Dentistry Director Yuan-Qien Chen in 2 years and half, where Let will undergo the right mandible and malocclusion and orthodontic treatment in order to rebuild her right face. Let will also return for medical treatment this October.

Let’s mother stated that they have received plenty of love from the medical treatment and while living in Taiwan, with mingled joy and tears in the process, which has moved them greatly. They said “Thank you, Taiwan.”


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