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Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement Surgery of a Shanghai Patient

Jhong Jheng Spine & Orthopedic Hospital   Last Update:2019-05-06

Mr. Shan was nice to people who he met the first time. He liked to mention that Shanghai is a prosperous wonderful city. Life is not easy there but abundant rewards will be waiting for hard working people.

Mr. Shan came to Taiwan with his wife and daughter. Mrs. Shan was diagnosed by Dr. Ming-Feng Wu at Shanghai and after she realized that a high technological surgery skill could be performed at Kaohsiung Taiwan, she had discussion with her family. A fast decision was made to take medical trip in June shortly after her appointment with Dr. Wu.

The night before surgery usually was not easy for visitors from other countries. The Shan family came across with sort of strange new things in Taiwan. The first day in Kaohsiung they met the Wan An Marshal Exercise. The second day the power distribution box in Liuhe Road was burnt out and Cianjin District people suffered from lacking of electricity. Luckily, this weird modern disaster lasted not more than half an hour and caused ho harm to our hospital at all.

The outcome of surgery was very good. Mrs. Shan could sleep easily after she left surgery room. Shan family approved that Shanghai is the first class in the world but the top medical skill shall belong to Taiwan.

Shan family shared the same language with our medical team and found things could be easily communicated. They followed our rehabilitation instructions and the recovery condition was outstanding. Dr. Wu came to visit every morning and evaluated the operation result was satisfactorily good. He was considerate to assign the VIP follow-up appointment for Mrs. Shan and told our pharmacist to offer the Shan family a quantity of medicine that was not easily found in their home city.


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