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Kidney tumors cause abdominal pain?!

Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital   Last Update:2019-06-05

When she was under the ultrasound examination of the kidney, the 32-year-old Miss Hong accidentally found that the left kidney had a tumor and it was 5 cm in size. The doctor judged that it was an angiolipoma, which usually caused abdominal pain and affected daily life. After the discussion with her family, Ms. Hong decided to use surgical methods to remove the tumor. However, due to the high risk of resection, she come to Tung's Hospital to seek the treatment of Vice Dean of Ou, and the partial resection of the kidney was performed by Da Vinic surgery. Finally, the kidney tissue was successfully resected, and the tumor was confirmed to be benign after sampling and testing.

Dr. Ou Yanquan said that the tumor grows 1.5 cm outside the kidney and 3.5 cm inside the kidney. The shape of the tumor is very special. It looks like a mushroom grows on the kidney. It did affect the function of the kidneys. With the Da Vinic surgery, the patient was discharged from the hospital two days after the operation and returned to work two weeks later.

Dr. Ou Yanquan pointed out that in addition to small wounds and quick recovery, preservation of kidney function is also the focus of surgery. Kidney function will decline year by year with the body aging. If the kidney is damaged during surgery, the patient may suffer from renal failure in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to consider how surgery has the least impact on the kidneys.

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