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Land, sea and air rescuer! We saved the Russia crew’s fingers.

Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital   Last Update:2019-06-05

A 61-year-old Russian crew member, Mr. MATVEEV, suffered a second and third finger fracture in his left hand due to a maintenance accident. He was rescued by the national airborne service corps to the airport and referred to Tung’s hospital. The plastic surgeon immediately arranged the operation to save a detached finger. The operation was successfully completed in about 5 hours and the fingers recovered. 7 days later, he discharged from hospital and returned to Russia.

The second day of the accident was the birthday of Mr. MATVEEV. The medical service team of the Tung’s Hospital hosted a warm birthday party for him. Wish him all the warmest cheer!

Dr. Tang Zhongqi pointed out that the treatment of cutting finger is the key to the surgery. The surgery should be completed within 6-8 hours. The cutting finger is first wrapped in moist gauze and then put in a plastic bag. Furthermore, it is important to keep the plastic bag chilled with ice water from the outside. Immediately deliver the patient to the hospital. 

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