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A Life-Changing Experience

Armfulcare Hospital   Last Update:2020-03-16

The 70-year-old gentleman from Japan often travels abroad because he often travels abroad. The old gentleman said that he often has dizziness and often feels unwell. When I came to Taiwan to negotiate and visit relatives, I introduced the high-level health check-up service of Armfulcare Hospital of Armfulcare Hospital through relatives and friends. Therefore, I was connected with the hospital, and the hospital quickly arranged inspections such as computed tomography. On the day of the inspection, the old gentleman was transferred to the hospital by a friend. The hospital arranged a special person to receive and assist in the registration, filling out the form, pre-inspection instructions, etc. In addition to clearly explaining the inspection process, the on-site doctors and medical staff also answered the old and very patiently and patiently. The questions raised by Mr., so that the old gentleman can check with peace of mind. The entire inspection process took only 2 hours. After the inspection, the old gentleman was picked up by the friend himself and waited for the hospital to report. After 7 days, Mr. Lao received an electronic report from the hospital in Japan. The content clearly shows that the old Mr. lumbar disc protruded and the cardiovascular system has a narrow problem. The doctor advised the old gentleman to maintain a good posture and pay attention to weight management in order to reduce the deterioration of cardiovascular conditions and slow down the pressure on the lumbar spine. To this end, the old gentleman began to carry out the weight loss program, since the end of 106, the old gentleman has successfully lost about 10 kilograms, in addition to the obvious slowdown of dizziness symptoms, the body is also significantly lighter, and the waist is indeed reduced a lot. pressure. The old gentleman said: "Thank you for the health check that allows you to understand the most real situation of your body and let yourself adjust your living habits so as not to deteriorate your health. It's great!"

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