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Armfulcare Hospital   Last Update:2020-03-16

The 81-year-old lama from India often travels around the country because of his work. The busy and tight travel life makes him have no chance to take care of his body. Under the opportunity of a trip to Taiwan, his friends introduced that the hospital's high-end health inspection service process is simple and rapid, and there are special people to receive translations. The hospital is very close to the airport and can be used for inspection. Therefore, Mr. Lama is through friends. Have a connection with us.

On the day of the inspection on July 24, 106, the elderly lama arrived at the hospital accompanied by a friend. Although the language was unreasonable, but the face was kind and friendly, the hospital's commissioner carefully accompanied the lama and his friends to report together because When he was old, the commissioner slowed down the explanation and explained the patience. The entire process includes reports, data, head, lungs, abdomen and pelvic cavity, spine (lumbar spine), cardiovascular and coronary computed tomography scans all within 2 hours, and Mr. Lama is unbelievable about our fast service. After 7 days of examination, the hospital sent a report to the Lama to inform him of abdominal arteriosclerosis, multiple calcifications in the prostate, and narrow coronary arteries. It is advisable to pay attention to diet and normal living habits, rest and exercise. 

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