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Taiwan’s Epidemic Prevention Attracts Others Countries to Learn From China Medical University Hospital and TAITRA Jointly Share the Experience with Hospitals in the Americas via Video Conference

China Medical University Hospital   Last Update:2020-05-15

 When COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging around the globe, the epidemic prevention effort of Taiwan has become the ‘gold standard’ in the eyes of international media and has caught the attention of many countries. China Medical University Hospital and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) jointly sponsored an ‘International Video Conference on Taiwan’s Experience in Fighting the Epidemic’ at 7 o’clock in the morning of May 15,   sharing and exchanging experience with hospitals in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. Huang, Gao-Bin, the Commander of the Central Region of the CDC of Ministry of Health and Welfare and Deputy Director of the Center for Infection Control of China Medical University Hospital expressed that Taiwan has utilized technology in disease prevention, deployment ahead of time, and integration of resources to achieve the gold standard of disease prevention, which could provide a good solution for the disease prevention network in the Americas.

Main participants from hospital in the Americas included Colombia’s Complejo Quirurgico Santa Barbara Hospital, Peru’s Arzobispo Loayza National Hospital, and Mexico’s Punto Medico, and Star Medica hospital. The international conference was hosted by the Honorary Director, Chen, Hung-chi, of International Medical Center of China Medical University Hospital.  Participating experts included Director Ho, Mao-wang of Internal Infectious Disease department, Dr. Lu, Min-chi and Deputy Director Hwang, Gao-pin, who shared valuable experience in disease prevention and care. In the hour-long conference, more than 100 doctors in the Americas took part, and even former Prime Minister and Secretary of Health Luis Solari of Peru, participated in discussion.

Deputy Director Hwang, Gao-pin pointed out that Taiwan has learned from its valuable experience in the disastrous SARS epidemic e and executed rigorous defense mechanism against the enemies and adopted deployment ahead of time in this combat against COVID-19 pandemic. In terms of government policy, Taiwan’s ban on export of face masks’ was implemented very early and overthrown crisis into opportunities. Through horizontal and vertical integration of resources, Taiwan formed the epidemic prevention “national face mask team” by validating the domestic demand and efficient distribution of face masks, giving priority in supplying sufficient protection resources to the medical institutions. The adoption of big data and AI analysis contributed to the implementation of mask rationing plan 3.0 that allowed people to buy face masks swiftly and reduced their psychological fear. Deputy Director Hwang, Gao-pin stated that China Medical University Hospital has taken the epidemic seriously since the start, inspecting changes in international and domestic epidemic development constantly, preparing, and deploying at the earliest. For example, such preparation included personnel educational training, resources preparation, control on foreign travel, single channel design for suspected cases, with the best drill and preparation.


Secretary General Yeh, Walter M. S. of TAITRA indicated that the rapid and close cooperation between the government and private sector is the key to the success of disease prevention in Taiwan. TAITRA also invited hospitals, medical supply, biotechnology, smart medical businesses to form a disease prevention ecosystem that promotes Taiwan’s disease prevention products overseas while facilitating many international on-line experience sharing seminars that share Taiwan’s success stories with other countries. So far, many conference meeting have been held with India, Myanmar, and Thailand with many more exchange activities to come with India, Thailand, and South American countries.

Superintendent Chou, Der-Yang, stated that Taiwan will advance in upgrading its epidemic prevention through each major epidemic crisis. Taiwan’s capability of disease prevention will upgrade to the next level. It is a valuable experience in this pandemic where integration of government and private sector resources, deployment of technology are used to control the epidemic.  The pandemic will definitely impact the international medical operations which Taiwan has greatly promoted; however, we still fully support and even actively participate in the hope of doing more. We deeply care about the international disease prevention operations and we have designated Deputy Director Hwang, Gao-pin to participate in the conference, who shared the valuable experience of Taiwan. As COVID-19 pandemic swept the worldwide, China Medical University Hospital has reached out with compassion to  share its valuable experience with the world, bringing Taiwan’s value in “befriending the world with medical care” into full play. ’


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