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Thank you letter from Cebu

Lee Women's Hospital   Last Update:2020-08-31
This couple come from Cebu City, Philippines.
They married 9 years, and try 2 times IVF in Cebu. 
Unfortunately, these try were failed. 
They came to Lee Women's Hospital for first visit on September 2019. They underwent one time for egg retrieval then fresh transfer two embryos in the end of 2019.
For now, they delivery a lovely baby girl.  


Hello Lee Women family, 


it’s been long and challenging way when seek your expertise in handling infertility couples like us and nothing more comfortable when we start our journey and be part of the success couples. Our utmost gratitude to all of you who try everything and help us to conceived a child. As a faith believer, We thank God almighty that he shower his blessings to us and not only us but also those who seek and find answers in your hospital. Hope we inspire couples. 
See attached photos of lovely baby girl.
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