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Two Lines on the Pregnancy Test

  Last Update:2020-10-30

          I’m graduated. Past 3 years of infertility is not easy for me to go through. Every month I’m thinking it will be the month I get pregnant, but the period arrives as scheduled and I’m just disappointed.

        I started my IVF journey at a very famous Taiwan Hospital via the recommendation from my friend. Spent lots money but retrieved four Day 3 embryos only. There was a lot of misunderstanding during the whole IVF procedure and I failed in egg transferring finally. Feeling very sad and resting for a year, I was struggle whether I should try one more time IVF in Taiwan. At the end, I choose Dr. Wang and it was a great decision. I felt comfortable and confidence to start my 2nd IVF journey here. Dr. Wang was so different from other doctors. He was patient and considerate; he would help us to save money. So I believed I MUST get pregnant every time I met Dr. Wang.

        As a woman who is getting old and has low AMH, I retrieved a great amount of embryos in Dr. Wang’s clinic. Although I failed in 1st FET, Dr. Wang kept encouraging me. I still remembered his expression and tone before the surgery. I felt really relax and calm. I cried and hugged my husband when I knew I got pregnant.

        Finally, my twin brothers were born. One is 2.645kg and the other one is 2.25kg. So heart touching when I first met my babies.

We really don’t want to delay our trip to visit Dr. Wang because of COVID-19 and the age of babies. We will bring babies to see one of the most important people when they are 1 – Dr. Wang!!


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