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LWH to screen the best embryo by PGS to reduce recurrent abortion

Lee Women's Hospital   Last Update:2020-11-06

 Odessa, a 39 year old woman, got married in the year 2013. 1 year after their marriage, they were introduced to Lee Women’s Hospital by a doctor who lives near by the neighborhood. Soon after, they had their first check-up, yet the husband was given medical treatment due to poor sperm quality.

Four years later, Odessa got pregnant naturally however was aborted. She was 37 years old by then. Facing the crisis of reaching advanced maternal age, they came back to Lee Women’s Hospital to have check-up again. After series of examination (Hysterosalpingogram, Hysteroscopy, blood test and semen analysis… etc.), she was pregnant again through only one time oocyte retrieval and transferred with 2 embryos, the B-HCG number was good at first. However, the embryo stopped developing at 6th gestational week.

This was Odessa’s second time miscarriage. Followed by Dr.Lin’s suggestions” for women who have reached 35 years old yet have experienced recurrent abortion, doing PGS (pre-genetic screening) can help raise the pregnancy rate”, Mr. Li and Mrs. Li let their remaining embryos process PGS. We found out one of them was an abnormal embryo. At last, by transferring the 2 normal ones, she was successfully pregnant and gave birth to twins at Lee Women’s Hospital.


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