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Landseed International Emergency Transport Severe Patient Back To Taiwan

  Last Update:2020-12-01

Fall-winter COVID-19 prevention program to be launched on December 1, Landseed International Medical Group had helped Taiwanese patient returned to Taiwan for treatment before the end of the month. Landseed International Hospital Shanghai Hexin Branch, Taiwan Landseed Hospital Medical Clinic at Taoyuan International Airport, and Landseed International Hospital worked together to complete the group’s fifth cross-strait emergency medical transportation this year, helping Taiwanese businessmen to return to Taiwan safely for treatment and family reunion.


In November this year, Landseed International Medical Group received three Taiwanese patients who were commissioned to return to Taiwan for treatment. They were from Beijing, Shanghai, and Suzhou on the mainland to assist them transfer back to Taiwan. The group integrated Landseed International Hospital Shanghai Hexin Branch, Landseed Medical Clinic at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, and Landseed International Hospital into a cross-strait emergency medical transportation team.


Once the Taiwanese businessmen's application is received, Landseed international emergency transportation team immediately starts the transfer evaluation and conducts the application process to strive for time efficiency. The medical team escorted the patient from a local hospital in the mainland to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and flew back to Taoyuan International Airport by a civil aircraft. During the flight, the patient was accompanied by Taiwanese physicians for medical care. After arriving in Taiwan, the patient was taken over by medical staff from the Landseed Medical Clinic at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Then Sent to Landseed International Hospital for quarantine and treatment in a COVID-19 ward by quarantine ambulance immediately.


According to statistics from the Central Epidemic Command Center as of last week, there were 36 cases of international emergency medical “transfers” back to Taiwan for medical treatment on 2020.Accounting for 54% cases were cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction. The international emergency medical transportation process is complicated, and various uncontrollable situations may occur on the way, which increases the difficulty of emergency medical transfer. The emergency transportation team must have the professional ability to deal with the emergency, such as: the arrangement of foreign ambulances, the medical care of patient throughout the journey, airlines coordination, and customs clearance at airports in various countries, which involve many factors such as different laws and regulations in every country.


Chang Huanzhen, Chief Executive Officer of Landseed International Medical Group, stated that Landseed International has Landseed International Hospital Shanghai Hexin Branch, which is an important medical base for Taiwanese businessmen on the mainland. And Landseed Medical Clinic at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has guarded domestic and foreign travelers for more than 20 years and has rich experience in emergency medical care. Chang Huanzhen emphasized that although the arrangement and execution of transportation process is difficult, as long as the task can be successfully completed and the patient returns to Taiwan for proper treatment, everyone in our medical team will feel gratified, moved, and all the efforts are worthwhile.


Chang Huanzhen reminded that recently COVID-19 pandemic is becoming more and more severe, the difficulty of international emergency transferring back to Taiwan is bound to increase. He reminds overseas residents to pay more attention to their own health, especially strokes, acute hepatitis, falls and fractures, etc., moreover they should take preventive measures and health care.





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