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Thank you and happy new year!

National Taiwan University Cancer Center   Last Update:2021-02-18

 Please extend my regards and gratitude to MOHW staff who have helped me! I have never met them before!


Thank you for delivering NEW LIFE to me and my family!

I would like to take this opportunity to share my wonderful experience getting treatment at NTUCC during this trying pandemic time! I wish that more and more lives can be saved through NTUCC!

Since the beginning of November 2020, my life was so bleak when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the Philippines where I work. It was shocking that I had to face this monstrous illness as none of my family members, including my deceased grandmothers, have/had breast cancer. Most of my family members were not in the Philippines to give me spiritual and physical support and at the same time, the CoVid cases in the country were very high. Knowing that cancer treatment is not merely surgical, but also requires multiple trips to the hospital at the time of high risk from CoVid and low immune system of the cancer patient, my family decided to look into another place for the whole treatment. Taiwan was unanimously chosen because of its excellent medical reputation and its best control and management of the pandemic. I was referred to Dr Wang Ming Yang from NTUCC from my brother-in-law’s friend whose wife received excellent treatment from him and his staff.

Despite the journey of having prior approval from the NTUCC and the MOHW based on Dr Wang Ming Yang’s early assessment without seeing “me” physically and obtaining the proper visa to come to Taiwan, the process has been flawless! Ms Wu from the International Care has been very accommodative and proactive in getting the paperwork ready throughout the process. One might think that it would take months; but indeed, from mid-November 2020, through email correspondence to send out the early examination from Manila to NTUCC International Care, I received the approval from the MoH in the first week of December 2020. That is amazing considering the holiday season!

I came to Taiwan on 13 December 2020 and once again, the medical team and the International Care of NTUCC have been very QUICK in spite of the 2-week quarantine in the designated hotel and 1-week observation at home. On 4 Jan 2021, I finally met Dr Wang Ming Yang and his staff for the first time. On 12 Jan 2021, I had my first surgery; and based on further analysis, the second surgery was carried out on 22 Jan 2021. I was able to walk around only a couple of hours after the surgery without any pain. Hope that can inspire others that WE CAN be WELL against breast cancer! Thank you very much Dr Wang Ming Yang and your staff! Thank you Ms Wu Mei! Further, thank you Dr Tom Chen (Chen Wei Wu) for your warm and accommodative support in chemotherapy and further medical treatment!

Once again, I wish that NTUCC can further advance in technology and patient care to help more and more people like me who desperately seek for great medical treatment in excellent hands, serving with HEART!

If in the future, other breast cancer patients would like to learn more from me, please be my guest! I can be contacted 


Please stay healthy! We need you!


Warmest regards,


*MOHW: 衛生福利部

*NTUCC(National Taiwan University Cancer Center)台大癌醫中心醫院

*Breast Surgeon : Ming-Yang Wang乳房外科: 王明暘醫師

*Chemotherapy : Wei-Wu Chen(Tom Chen)乳房醫學中心: 陳偉武醫師 (化學治療、新藥發展)

* International Care: Mei Wu 國際醫療:吳玫儀護理師


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