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TAITRA & EDAH shared epidemic prevention experience to Shiv Nadar University in India Trade Association and E-Da Hospital assisted Shiv Nadar University in India to organize customized webinars to sha

  Last Update:2020-05-07
Taiwanese outstanding performance in the prevention of the COVID-19 this time has attracted international attention.Shiv Nadar University, India, through the introduction of the Education Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India,hopes to learn the experience in epidemic prevention from Taiwan through online seminars.
Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and E-Da Hospital jointly planned a webinar on Taiwanese epidemic prevention for India and invited Dr Hsu Yi-Lin from National Cheng Kung University Hospital, who has rich experience in India, to participate.TAITRA Secretary-General Ye Ming-Shui first introduced the advantages of Taiwanese epidemic prevention and the achievements of TAITRA in assisting the establishment of the Taiwan Anti-Epidemic Solutions Ecosystem.Secretary-General Ye said that without the rapid and close cooperation among the government and private enterprises, success in epidemic prevention would not have happened in Taiwan.
TAITRA also invited hospitals, medical materials companies, biotechnology companies, and Smart Medical manufacturers to form the Taiwan Anti-Epidemic Solutions Ecosystem to promote Taiwanese Anti-Epidemic products overseas.At the same time, it also assisted to favour several multinational webinars, sharing the successful experience of epidemic preventionwith other countries from Taiwan.So far, many conferences in India, Myanmar and Thailand have been held, and more exchange activities are scheduled to be held in India, Thailand and South American countries in the future.
Participants of the webinar included Dr Zheng-Long Liang, International Director of E-Da Hospital, Dr Sheng-Feng Zheng, Executive Vice President, Dr Jun-Kai Huang, Director of Infection Control Department, Dr Dao-Qian Tang, Director of the International Medical Department, Dr Bo-Zhao Zhuang, Associate of the Information Department and the International Medical Team, and Dr Dai-Qi Wu, Director of the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office of I-Shou University, E-Da Hospital gave a keynote speech on the government policy of epidemic prevention and hospital epidemic prevention measures.
E-Da Hospital explained that after Taiwan suffered the ravages of SARS in 2003, the government and the private sector have prepared for 17 years.The government actively and quickly dealt with it, including improving border control, strengthening home isolation and quarantine,mobilizing the medical and epidemic prevention system, establishing a National Face Mask Team, utilizing technology to prevent epidemics (such as mask-rationing plan, TOCC, entry and home management... etc.), quickly issuing travel epidemic warnings, and making all information open and transparent.
Avoiding nosocomial infections is the key to maintaining the capacity of medical services. E-Da Hospital also shared some epidemic prevention measures taken in the past few months.Including subdivision strategy applied to staff, restrictions on visits to patients and family accompany measures, restrictions on dining in food courts, and meetings with more than 50 people to be conducted by video conferencing. In addition, increase the frequency of disinfection at high-risk points, social distance markings, anti-droplet barriers, etc.
More than a hundred teachers and students from Shiv Nadar University in India participated in the event. In a 1-hour webinar,Professor Chatterjee of Shiv Nadar University was curious about Taiwanese people's high trust in the government during the epidemic and praised Taiwanese overall epidemic prevention effectiveness.He also pointed out India's experience in using tracking apps to fight the epidemic, believing that through this exchange, both Taiwan and India will have more understanding and help in the control of the epidemic.
Source: Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
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Photo Credit: E-Da Hospital


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