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Oncology Tumor Surgery: Janet Y., Papua New Guinea

  Last Update:2014-10-20

In May of 2009, Yaki discovered that his wife, Janet, was suffering from colorectal cancer. The couple lived in Papua New Guinea and, after seeking treatment at home, learned that Papua New Guinea’s state-level hospital was unable to conduct the surgery.

The couple initially considered seeking treatment in Australia but that was too expensive. Discouraged, Yaki and his wife considered giving up on treatment.

While trying to make a decision about next steps, Yaki met a Papua New Guinea congressman who had received a health checkup at Changhua. After learning Janet’s situation, the congressman suggested that she consider Changhua. Yaki was impressed to learn that Changhua is a Christian hospital. He quickly contacted Taiwan’s representative office in Papua New Guinea and was able to make an appointment for Janet. They arrived at Changhua in June 2009.

Janet’s doctor, Dr. Chen Hong Chang, diagnosed her with phase II colorectal cancer. After colostomy surgery and three months of comprehensive medical care, Janet was able to return home. When Janet saw the word “Christ” in the name of the hospital, she felt comforted knowing that “God lives in this hospital!” She thanks God for his ingenious arrangement for her to come to Taiwan.

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