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CGMH Cured Saudi Woman with Rare Gynecological Disease

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou   Last Update:2014-10-20
 Baidu, a 21-year-old Saudi woman, was diagnosed with endometriosis and said to never have the chance of getting pregnant because of that. Thanks to Dr. Chyi-Long Lee and Dr. Ming-Huei Cheng of Cyang gung Memorial hospital (CGMH), she now has a chance to realize her dream of having a child.
Baidu's first period did not come as she grew up; when she was 14 years old, she was taken to a doctor, who later noted that Baidu was born with congenital cervical anomalies. In the first 5 years of her marriage to her husband, Baidu and her husband consulted many doctors, domestic and overseas, but in vain. Finally, they heard the name of Dr. Chyi-Long Lee from a local doctor, and headed to CGMH.
Dr. Chyi-Long Lee expressed that there is only one out of 3,000 women who has the same condition as Baidu. Her reproductive tract abnormalities contributed to many serious problems, and all those problems just made her situation even worse. With laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Chyi-Long Lee removed the ovarian cysts, drained menstrual bleeding, and created an opening of the cervix. Dr. Ming-Huei Cheng, on the other hand, built her a cervix with artificial blood vessels as the main structure, and covered the inside of the artificial cervix with her natural vaginal mucus.
After surgery, Baidu's first period came; her fertility problems were solved, and she no longer suffered from abnormal gynecological pain. Still, Dr. Lee suggested that she pay extra attention to delivering a child, saying Caesarean delivery is better for the baby and the artificial cervix's well functioning.
Concerning Muslim customs, Baidu did not show up at the farewell party; her husband came on behave of her. He cut a cake and celebrated the "rebirth" of Baidu with members of CGMH, and expressed much appreciation of what Dr. Chyi-Long Lee, Dr. Ming-Huei Cheng, and CGMH's medical team have done for them.


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