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Boy from China with heart defects gets a new life at National Taiwan University Hospital

  Last Update:2014-10-20

A boy from China is the first child in his family, and was diagnosed with congenital heart defects by a hospital in Amoy. His situation contained single ventricle, persistent truncus arteriosus, mitral regurgitation…etc. The hospital indicated that the disease could not be cured in Mainland China and dropped the case. At the same time, the hospital agreed to provide a certificate for the boy’s parents to have another baby (due to the One-Child Policy in China). But the boy’s parents wouldn’t give up. They took the seven-month-old boy to a more advanced hospital in Shanghai, only to find more problems with no available treatment such as a large interventricular defect, patent ductus arteriosus, partial anomalous pulmonary venous, patent foramen ovale, right ventricular relaxation dysfunction etc. Afterwards, the parents kept making efforts incessantly —they had been to other medical institutes in Shanghai and Wuhan, but all ended up with the same answer: incurable. Some professors even called off the meeting because there was no hope.

While the parents were desperate, their friends in Taiwan contacted the NTUH’s International Medical Service Center and informed about the child’s medical situations. With the aid from that department, the family arrived at NTUH in March, 2009. Under the discreet assessment done by the chief of cardiovascular surgery department, Dr. Chung-I Chang, confirmed the former diagnosis as heterotaxy syndrome, coupled with complex congenital heart disease, which manifested right atrial isomerism, common atrium, single ventricle (sight ventricle), complete endocardial cushion defect with atrioventricular regurgitation, double-outlet right ventricle with pulmonary atresia, abnormal pulmonary venous return and patent ductus arteriosus. The child underwent the first stage of surgery in 13, April, 2009. The pulmonary artery angioplasty and superior vena cava to pulmonary surgery connection were perfectly completed as well.
The parents were totally desperated and thought the professionals of NTUH would be the last hope for their boy. Had there been no chance in Taiwan, they would have had no choice but to give up their first boy. Therefore, they were very thankful for the doctors of NTUH for bringing a rebirth to their son.

As for now, the boy is in good condition; the follow-up ultrasonic tracking shows everything goes well. They have returned to China on May 22, 2009. If the child’s physical situation maintains steady after a year, the second operation will be performed to radically solve the heart’s problem. The parents sent a letter to NTUH to express their deep appreciations; they will always remember with gratitude the outstanding cardiovascular surgical team and the excellent service from the administration of NTUH.

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