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Lower Limbs Lymphedema Patient was cured in Taiwan

  Last Update:2014-10-20

Ms. Wang Cheng, a lower limbs lymphedema patient, who had been rejected by Peking University Hospital after consultation, heard about that Dr. Hsu Wen-Hsien from Taiwan Wan Fang hospital has extensive experiences in similar cases. Therefore, with assistance from medical organization, travel agent, and society-concerned group, Wang Cheng finally arrived Taiwan and had medical treatments on 10th June.

Ms. Wang Cheng who lives in Syu-Jhou city, Jiang-Su province, is twenty-four years old. Her legs are extraordinarily wider than normal people. She has sought help from many famous hospitals in metropolises of China. And her case was reported by Korea MBC International which intended to provide medical assistance also. However, the treatment plans were dropped due to lack of matured technology. According to Wang Cheng, since this disease was discovered when she was eight, her legs has become wider and wider when she grows up. This not only makes her inconvenient in walking and draws other’s attention, but also keeps her away from studying or working. “My wish is that I hope one day I can wear floral pants to stroll outside someday,” said Wang Cheng.

After the surgeries of greater omentum transplantation and artery-vein separation performed by Dr. Hsu Wen-Hsien from Wan Fang Lymph Center, Wang Cheng’s leg circumference was 20% lower right after the surgery and around 30% lower in three weeks. Around 40 pounds of lymph been absorbed by body also shows that she has made a great recovery. The bygone elephantiasis girl has gradually returned to normal figure, and it brings back bright smiles on her shy face.

During her hospital stay, except being attracted by Taiwan’s fruit and street food such as beef noodles, Wang Cheng also made some friends who are also lower limb lymphedema patients by chatting and sharing experience in her ward. After the publicity of this case, several elephantiasis patients have consulted Dr. Hsu and 98 patients have been waiting for surgery so far. By helping Wang Cheng to regain her health and joy, Dr Hsu and his medical crew hope this experience could be helpful on curing more patients suffering from lymphedema.

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