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Wisdent Dental Clinic

Originally Guowei Dental ,has been opened for more than 30 years, since May,2014 moved to the TaoYuan high-speed rail zone (QinPu redevelopment Zone), renamed Wisdent dental clinic. 
The clinic is located in the convenient transportation of Taoyuan high-speed rail, airport MRT, 1st and 2nd the floor of about 700 square meter, for the quality of modern dental clinic, with ten sets of dental chairs, professional oral diagnostic devices and treatment services, comfortable independent clinic, 3D digital computer tomography system, dental laser and other sophisticated dental instruments, equipment disinfection is also very important, while the establishment of Wisdent Digital Dental Prosthesis Fabrication Center, just a few hours to complete the lifelike all-ceramic crown teeth, so You have the fastest, professional and comfortable quality of  medical tourism


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