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National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch

History of Restructuring:

National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) Yunlin Branch was restructured from Yunlin Provincial Hospital at Department of Health, Executive Yuan. Before restructuring, there was some difficulty running Yunlin Provincial Hospital, which resulted from the sudden change of medical treatment environment and the implementation of National Health Insurance. In May of 2000, it just happened that the National Taiwan University plan of establishing Yunlin Branch in Huwei Region was approved by Department of Health. Because the Yunlin County Magistrate and elected representatives hoped that the NTUH medical teams could reside in Yunlin earlier to provide high quality service, National Taiwan University Hospital thus signed a medical exchange contract with Yunlin Provincial Hospital in September of 2000. In July of 2001, NTUH actively dispatched medical teams to reside in Yunlin Provincial Hospital in order to promote its medical capability and quality. Afterwards, because the government actively promoted the multi-business scheme of public hospitals, in January of 2003, Department of Health proposed the adaptation of Yunlin Provincial Hospital to NTUH Yunlin Branch. Our hospital thus actively planned the restructuring process accordingly. On account of the short distance within half-hour traffic between Yunlin Provincial Hospital and the hospital planned to be built in Huwei Region, two hospitals were planned to be integrated into one main hospital with two regions. Therefore, Yunlin Provincial Hospital was adapted to “Yunlin Branch Douliu Region” while the newly-built hospital became “Yunlin Branch Huwei Region”. Executive Yuan agreed in principle on March 24th, 2004 to restructure the hospital formally on April 1st, 2004. The construction of the First Medical Building in Huwei Region was started on July 14th, 2005. The Medical Building was then put into formal use on October 19th, 2007. Introduction The buildings of Yunlin Branch include the new Outpatient Building, the old Outpatient Building, the Emergency Building, the Rehabilitation Building, and the Mental Health Building which are internally equipped with major devices and facilities such as cardiac catheterization, computerized axial tomography scan, blood vessel imaging, angiography, magnetic resonance imaging and so on. To operate in coordination with the residence of professional NTUH medical teams in Yunlin Branch, major medical services such as a variety of cardiac catheterization therapies, open heart surgery, laparoscopic surgery, nuclear medical examination and so on have been setup and conducted while the Cardiovascular Medical Center, the Hepatology Medical Center, the Center for Critical Care Medicine, the Oncology Medical Center, the Traumatology Center, and the Medical Center for Pediatric & Maternity were founded one after another. The involvement of the NTUH medical teams has rapidly raised the whole medical care level in Yunlin Region. In September of 2007, Yunlin Branch in Huwei Region was formally opened to meet the regional medical need. Focusing on the development of oncology therapy, Yunlin Branch in Huwei Region set up exclusive space, such as outpatient therapy zone and hospital beds exclusive for oncology therapy in addition to the installation of radiology facilities for oncology therapy. Furthermore, the Oncology Medical Center was founded in 2008 to provide a variety of oncology medical services. So far there are almost thousands of hospital beds, roughly 1500 full-time employees, more than 50,000 outpatients each month and more than 2,000 inpatients in both regions of Yunlin Branch.   

Having cultivated this region for 13 years, NTUH Yunlin Branch keeps transforming and growing so that Yunlin Branch has earned regional recognition and gratitude. On the mission of “Health protection in Central Taiwan”, in 2013, Yunlin Branch invested lots of resources and mobilized the medical teams along with the support from the General Hospital of National Taiwan University and external parties to successfully pass the 2013 certification of “Severe Emergency Response Hospital”. Serving as the only severe emergency response hospital in Yunlin County, Yunlin Branch could grasp the critical moment to save the precious life and keep patients from suffering the commute so that critically ill patients could receive thorough medical therapies in our hospital. Besides, Yunlin Branch has actively promoted the capability of teaching and research at the hospital in recent years. In addition to the excellent outcome of thesis publications and research plans, Yunlin Branch has also organized international seminars in Yunlin and Chiayi County to provide the training platform to medical and healthcare professionals in Central and Southern Taiwan. Our hospital hope that innovative medical technologies can be developed and facilities can continue being updated through exchange and cultivation of talents so that we could achieve the goal of pursuing international standards of patient safety & medical quality and the purpose on the development of featured medical therapy with originality for regional specific diseases. In the future, we will harmonize with the national policy to actively promote the long-term care center and to strive for the setups of different kinds of national medical center and the research center for social welfare so we hope that Yunlin Branch will become the most trustworthy University Hospital in the public mind.


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