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Athena Plastic Surgery Clinic

Athena Plastic Surgery Clinic is located in the most prosperous international city in southern Taiwan-"Kaohsiung City", the MRT center, convenient transportation, elegant and spacious interior, novel and complete medical equipment, with anesthesia specialists and qualified professional nursing staff, and a team of plastic surgeons Rich experience and precise treatment strategies, and provide the latest surgical procedures and the most complete consulting services.The team of doctors has many years of surgical experience and continuous learning spirit, rich and rigorous experience in knife management, and the quarterly treatments are refreshed. At the same time, they have both experience and innovative beauty. They use the highest quality technology and a friendly consulting team to serve everyone.Athena Plastic Surgery Clinic develops qualified and law-appropriate specialty aesthetic medicine treatments, seeks cross-border cooperation and strategic alliances, and promotes cross-domain and transnational aesthetic medicine treatments. Relying on the background of "specialty medicine" and "empirical medicine", with a responsible open and innovative attitude, the pursuit of "safe" and "effective" aesthetic medicine has achieved success in "clinic development", "patient satisfaction" and "corporate social responsibility" balance.

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    • Juliu Homestay Phone:886-963-522678 Address:No. 71-8, Dongwei, Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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