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Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital

 To follow the Armed Forces’Healthcare Service policy and the regulations of the Central Government’s Health Administration, we strive to provide top quality medical care services to the military and civilian sectors to ensure their good health.
Our hospital is a medical care center for the military and has been certified as a regional teaching hospital by the Department of Health (DOH) of the Executive Yuan. Our physicians are all qualified and skilled in medical practice as well as teaching, with nine certified scholars on the staff.
Our facilities include advanced equipment and progressive medical research laboratories as well as a comfortable medical environment, and even a spacious parking lot as part of our service to patients.
The hospital also has more consumer-friendly innovations such as a network which offers the public full medical service and accurate health information. We also have the latest dial-in automated appointment system for patients to minimize waiting time. Our med-care teams also go out regularly to serve suburban villages with our leading medical resources.

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