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Luodong Sports Park

  • Phone:886-3-9872403
  • Address: No.666, Gongzheng Rd., Luodong Township, Yilan Cou
  • Map
Located in the northwest of Luodong Township, and about 2 kilometers from the Luodong Railway Station, the Luodong Sports Park takes up a ground area of 47 hectares. Featuring expansive green land, it not only provides a perfect location for exercising, but is also a great place to appreciate mother nature. The overall design of the park is divided into 4 major parts including sports facilities, landscaping, water/landscaping, and the cultivation of various plants. The Dongshan River Cinshuei Water Park was designed in accordance with Yilan County's tourist oriented policy; while the Yilan Sports Park imitates European gardens with a strong aesthetics design. The Luodong Sports Park features a structure of both traditional Chinese garden and Japanese flavor and at the same time incorporating the beauty of Western square design. The Japanese group in charge of the overall design and construction of the park is confident about the recreational philosophy implanted within this sports park, which is to enable people to come in contact with nature, to be able to look up and see the blue sky, the puffy white clouds, and to feel the soft grass with bare feet and smell the scent of the earth, and to enjoy the beautiful water which reflects the sky. While enjoying the various sports facilities at the park, you will also enjoy being embraced by nature. The Luodong Sports Park is almost as beautiful as a fairyland. Whether in the morning or at night, in spring, summer, fall, winter, on sunny, or rainy days, this park always responds to you inner most desire for consolation in nature. The Yilan County Government has really done a wonderful job in converting this former rice field by the Luodong River into a popular tourist spot.

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Luodong Sports Park

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