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 Assisted Reproductive Technology is an art between all or none. We strive our best for those desiring for family planning. Fertility professionals at Taipei Fertility Center treat patients throughout Taiwan and beyond! 

Taipei Fertility Center (TFC) is founded by Dr. Tzeng Chii-Ruey, M.D., Ph.D., the IVF trailblazer making history with first IVF infant in 1985 in Taiwan. Composed of senior physicians, nurses, and embryologists, our medical team has an extensive clinical experiences on Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART). 
Experts in TFC encompass a full spectrum of infertility diagnosis, sperm/egg freezing, sperm/egg donation, AIH/IVF treatment and others related to Gynecology. TFC is equipped with a highest standard in-house IVF laboratory and state-of-the-art facility – Time Lapse incubators. 
Aiming at providing unparalleled and noble service in ART, TFC has dedicated to creating a user-centered and exquisite design to deliver cares for all, as well as gaining its brand superior and sustainable in the field of reproductive medicine. 
As a healthcare provider specializing in infertility care, TFC is devoting to raise the public awareness and provide the forefront information on reproductive medicine. We have been frequently interviewed by several TV news, magazines and newspapers, with more than 400 reports on mainstream media in Taiwan such as Line, EToday, and Yahoo.
The dynamic development of ART not only helps many singles and couples who are trying to conceive, but also greatly improves the pregnancy rate through the regimen that tailors to individual need. 
TFC physicians spare no efforts to advance their professionalism. We participated in at least 30 international seminars and academic conferences a year, and submitted 7 clinical research papers that have been published onto SCI (Science Citation Index) within 2020 to 2021. However, the mission of TFC is more than that. Many infertility patients have undergone countless treatments due to advanced age, physical condition, cancer, unexplained infertility factor, or recurrent miscarriage and repeated implantation failure. TFC is here to be the last stop for this group of people and make everyone’s dream of being a parent coming to a reality.

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