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Ten Chen Hospital

Since the opening of Chung LiTen Chan Hospital in January of the year 2000, the Hospital has received high regards from the community. In addition to beautiful hospital facilities, the Hospital provides warm and kind services to its patients.


It continues to use: high standards (5-star rating) patient ward design, modern medical equipments, clinical practices with high hospitality, networked medical information , compassionate care for the community, and high quality medical treatments.



Travel Information

  • Scenic Spots (in 1 KM, Total 4 items)
  • Accommodations (in 1 KM, Total 0 items)
  • Restaurants (in 1 KM, Total 11 items)
    • Shi Ji Big Lumpia (食記大潤餅) Phone:886-3-4224489 Address:320Taoyuan CityZhongli Dist.On the corner of Zhongzheng Road and Jianguo Road
    • Triangle Hakka Bun Vegetable Restaurant Phone:886-3-4257508 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.272, Zhongzheng Road
    • Mama Liu Vegetable Bun Restaurant Phone:886-3-4225226 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.268, Zhongzheng Road
    • Shin Jen Shian Candy Shop Phone:886-3-4222653 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No.146, ZhongPing Road
    • Gao-ji Old Brand Redhearted Tapioca (高記老牌紅心粉圓) Phone:886-3-4667723 Address:320Taoyuan CityZhongli Dist.F1,125, Li-Xing North Street
    • Lao San Niu Jia Zhuang Phone:886-3-4255697 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No.163, Zhongping Rd.
    • Peng-Lai Fruit and Ice Shop Phone:886-886-3-3322101 Address:No. 180, Zhong-ping Road, Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320
    • The Big Tree Shredded Ice (榕樹下綿綿冰) Phone:886-9-38388858 Address:320Taoyuan CityZhongli Dist.No. 83, Zhong-shan Road
    • Zhongli Niu Jia Zhuang Phone:886-3-4225496 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No.16, Ln. 76,Sec. 1, Zhongyang W. Rd.
    • Zen Humanistic Garden Restaurant Phone:886-3-4250589 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.32, Guanan Street
    • Subaozhai "Belly Button Cake" Phone:886-3-4251990 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No. 3, Section 1, Zhongmei Road
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