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Barefoot Park of Mount Guanyin

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The unique geology of Mount Guanyin has been a popular conversation topic for people. The soft soil is ideal to walk on barefoot. Around five to six million years ago, layers of silty sand formed on the sea floor and later the orogenesis took place and formed Mount Guanyin System. Weathering effect caused the sand to have a tinge of yellow. Many people like to walk barefoot here to enjoy the softness of the earth. This is how this Barefoot Park gets its name.It is said that Kangsi Emperor of the Cing Dynasty once paid a visit to this place and inspired by the mysterious charm of this place, the emperor named this place as "Cueipingyan." For the past three hundred years, Guanyin Temple has experienced ups and downs, but the ceremonial arch "Cueipingyan" in front of the temple still retains its elegance and antique image. Photos:
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