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Hsu,Chao-Chin Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic

TUBE Fertility Clinic (Hsu Chao Chin OBS & GYN Clinic) is one of the best IVF center in Taiwan.

Taiwan has been ranked top as the world's leading providers of fertility treatment,preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening and oocytes/ embryo cryopreservation procedures.

At our clinic, staffs are able to offer you today's most advanced and effective procedures including: intrauterine insemination, in-vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection,blastocyst transfer,laser assisted hatching, cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos,oocyte donation, and preimplantation genetic diagnosis, all of these treatments.

Our team is one of the leading roles in assisted reproduction in Taiwan. Dr. Chao Chin Hsu achieved the second IVF baby in Taiwan on Feb. 1987. He is also the first and only reproduction specialist trained at University of Cambridge (1989-1992), the origin place of IVF. By continuous improving assisted reproductive technologies, we will raise the bar of excellence and optimizing the pregnancy rate, so patients may achieve their ultimate goal ... a healthy baby. Our team of professionals, including physician, nurses, counselors, embryologists, all dedicated to caring for patients through thoughtful, cost-effective and, most importantly, honest treatment with an individualized approach.

Many of international patients find that our clinic individualized approach to care, combined with our high success rates is one of the most reliable IVF centers. The intermittent controlled ovarian hyperstimulation developed by Dr. Chao Chin Hsu is becoming the most patient friendly and easiest mode for infertile women to take injections drugs. The infertile couples may visit our clinic once every 3-4 days and travelling around in Taiwan without annoying the injection of medicines. Our teams are also very keen to developing a care plan approach for infertile couples that many of the pretreatment testing services in your home country, so that you only need to be on-site for specific procedures or periods of time. In addition, all our staffs are very keen to use video-conferencing with you if that eases the challenges of your out-of-country circumstances.

In past 18 years, we successfully provide assissted reproduction to couples from U.S.A., Canada, Panama, Costo Rica, Brazil, Argentina, U.K., Netherland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Croatia, South Afriaca, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Bruenei, Malasia, Singapore, Viet Nam, Thailand, Philiphines, Indonesia, and Australia.

We have published more than thirty SCI papers in the top ranking world journals.

Our team has both scientific and clinical supports and collaboration from University of Cambridge, University of London, U.K..

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