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Bệnh viện thuộc Đại học Y Dược Trung Quốc lĩnh nhận “Giải thưởng Cống hiến Ngoại giao chi hữu” do Bộ Ngoại giao ban tặng

  Ngày cập nhật cuối cùng :2018-09-14

China Medical University Hospital receives “Friend of Foreign Service Medal Award”

China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) has long promoted volunteer-run clinics and charitable medical assistance. In recent years, CMUH has also combined forces with Taiwanese companies to expand their medical prowess and assist in the promotion of medical diplomacy and excellence. On August 29, CMUH Superintendent De-Yang Zhou led the International Center team to receive the “Friend of Foreign Service Medal Award” presented by Minister Joseph Wu from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Using medical service to make worldwide friendships, paradigm of love without borders

CMUH Superintendent De-Yang Zhou stated that he was very happy and honored to be awarded the “Friend of Foreign Service Medal Award”. This is the highest recognition for China Medical University and Medical System since the institution has dedicated much time and effort in volunteer-run clinics, international medical aid and assistance in promoting medical diplomacy. This also encourages CMUH to continue demonstrating Taiwan’s medical prowess and establish friendships with the world through medical service.

Minister Joseph Wu of Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed that CMUH not only reduced medical expenses for those in poverty and unable to pay for medical bills, but also assisted them with fundraising. In addition to sophisticated medical technology, CMUH brings the enthusiasm for humanity into full display, becoming the best paradigm of “love without borders”.

This year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended in the World Health Assembly (WHA) to promote Taiwan’s International Medical Contribution short film about a Vietnamese girl named Luan, a beneficiary of international medical aid and cooperation between CMUH and Taiwanese company Hong Fu Industrial Group, which has longstanding roots in Vietnam. The short film was very well-received and made a large impact, acquiring over 10 million views.

Mobile medical team helping countries through volunteer-run clinics, advancing medical prowess worldwide

CMUH participated in the International Cooperation and Development Fund’s “ICDF Mobile Medical Team” program between 2007 and 2011 to dispatch medical personnel 11 times to 7 countries, including Saint Christopher and Nevis, and provide necessary medical assistance. Additionally, between 2013 and 2017, CMUH voluntarily dispatched medical service teams to 5 countries in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Burma, Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam, particularly focusing on visiting remote areas to provide free medical services: a total of 9 teams consisting of 158 medical staff provided services to 22,021 people. Between 2010 and 2018, CMUH even successfully cured 24 cases of rare anomalies from 8 different countries.

Combining forces with Taiwanese companies, international humanitarian medical aid helps Vietnamese and Burmese children

Since 2016, CMUH has cooperated with Taiwanese companies to open a new chapter in the history of international medical aid. Taiwanese company Hong-Fu Industrial Group, which has longstanding roots in Vietnam, donated over 7 million NTD to help Vietnamese girl Luan and boy Liu with “Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome” receive medical treatment at CMUH. In addition to medical treatment, CMUH also collaborates with the Precision Medicine Center in the hopes of finding new medications for treatment.

In 2018, CMUH also initiated a cooperation with Pou Chen Group, a global leader in shoe making, to launch the “Country-to-Country Aid” international medical assistance campaign to help Burmese girl Leh with Goldenhar syndrome obtain treatment from the hospital’s interdisciplinary team. CMUH worked with the 3D Printing Medical Research Center to reconstruct ears for Leh so that she could begin a beautiful and healthy life.

This new model of integration between Taiwanese companies and international humanitarian medical assistance demonstrates the desire of Taiwanese companies to give back to the local community and establishes an important company image of corporate social charity.

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