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The Jiguanshan Trail

Phone:886-7-6161411 Address:800 Jinshan Village,Yanchao District, Kaohsiung City 824, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Mount Jiguan (pronounced as Jiguanshan in Chinese) has an elevation of less than 100 meters, but its unique topographic appearance is fascinating. The mountain in fact is the result of karst limestone formation. Depending on where you stand, Mount Jiguan may be conical hills closely adjacent to one another or isolated towers. Its jagged top looks like a rooster comb, from which its name is derived (Jiguan means rooster comb in Chinese). The independent column-like hills are referred to as "soldering iron hills". The exposed rock beds of Mount Jiguan are embedded with a lot of shell fossils. A visit to Mount Jiguan can also be a field trip for geological studies. The entrance of the trail is at its foot across from Jinshan Elementary School. The trail is not very long. You will get the best views on the mountaintop, especially if you are interested in badland—the Moon World. Photos:
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