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Mount Jhongliao

Phone:886-7-6161411 Address:800 Yanchao District, Kaohsiung City 824, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Mount Jhongliao has an elevation of less than 500 meters. It is known for the TV and radio transmitting stations, whose coverage areas include the Greater Kaohsiung, the Kaohsiung-Pingdong Plain, and the southern Jiayi-Tainan Plain, on its hilltop. Thanks to its proper location and topology, it also plays host to many migratory birds. In spring, many visitors flock in to watch birds on northward migration.   Instead of hiking, visitors can drive up Mount Jhongliao after a highway has been built along its ridge. Driving and hiking are both popular choices for visitors. Among the magnificent views along the ridge, the most awe-inspiring is badland—the Moon World on the west. Looking on, visitors can also see Dagangshan and Siaogangshan in the front. The beauty of Mount Jhongliao is appealing and natural, with Malaccan white popinac forests near the transmitting stations. The trees are tall and thriving, making the forests look like medium-altitude ones. Photos:
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