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La Visage Beauty Center

Due to the philanthropy of the medical scientist and the challenge of enjoying the challenge, President Chen of the La visage Beauty Institute has a strong curiosity for the new knowledge of medical science. In the course of 25 years of business experience and hospital services, President Chen not only pursues the quality of medical services, but also expects the fact that in the medical process, medical services can maintain quality through standardized control. If some medical processes are still missing, it can be avoided by process risk management mechanisms. Therefore, President Chen is committed to standardizing the medical and administrative processes, as the ISO said: "Talk about what you do, do what you say."


From the persistence and implementation of these medical professional expertise and beliefs, we can see the personal characteristics of President Chen's "Think big, start small". Over the years, his team of “La Visage Group” has passed the series of international-level and national certification, including accredit for International Standardization for Organization 9001 Management system, TUV Service Quality Management System, and National Accredit for Aesthetic Surgery and Treatment by Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation.


The La visage Beauty Institute is a demonstration clinic for equipment cleaning and sterilization qualified by The International Medical Care Materials Supply Management Society-Taiwan Branch, 3M Taiwan Minnesota Mining Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Recently, The La visage Beauty Institute has also been awarded as the certification safety demonstration clinic by the six-county Health Bureau (Taipei City, New Taipei City, Yilan County, Keelung City, Lianjiang County, Jinmen County). La Visage Beauty Institute was also recognized by the International Medical Working Group of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and became the first plastic surgery clinic for the International Medical Service Quality Certification. It shows that the medical services quality of the La Visage Beauty Institute is at an international level.
Behind these glamorous certifications, it is the presentation of the “Forward-looking Extreme Service” of the La Visage Group led by President Chen. They want to construct a new concept of aesthetics because of the belief that “beauty is an attitude, a kind of choice, a journey of feeling life and a product of human culture and social evolution."


With such a conviction, President Chen, after Stabilization of the footsteps of the Group, starts to consider how to improve the environmental situation for the medical beauty clinics in Taiwan's environment, not only to the hard-working colleague, but also to help Taiwan's medical beauty. All of the hard-work of the La Visage Group is to let the advancing of quality of the environment of aesthetic clinics, creating a win-win situation for the industry, bringing safer and more comfortable protection to the beauty, and accumulating Taiwan as the foundation of the international medical beauty paradise, creating a smooth road for the Taiwanese plastic surgery market.

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