GMH signs MOU with Taiwan Adventist Hospital


By Pacific News Center -January 9, 2020 Guam Memorial Hospital signed a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan’s Adventist Hospital this afternoon. The MOU establishes a collaborative arrangement between GMH and the Taiwanese hospital which is one of the largest medical facilities in that country. Unlike GMH, Taiwan Adventist Hospital is Joint Commission-accredited. It is located in Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei. Under the terms of the agreement, Taiwan Adventist Hospital will accept GMH patients and seek payment from the patients directly, or their insurance provider. GMH will not be held liable for the services provided in Taiwan. GMH and TAH retain full control of their own “assets and affairs of their respective institutions” and neither hospital “assumes any liability for any debts or financial or legal obligations incurred by any other party.” The term of the agreement is one year from January 1, 2020 and it will “renew for an indefinite number of additional one-year terms” unless one or the other party provides a 30-notice to terminate. GMH Administrator Lillian Perez-Posadas signed on behalf of GMH. Dr. Hui-Ting Huang M.D. signed on behalf of TAH.

GMH signs MOU with Taiwan Adve...

CMUH is the winner of 2 IMTJ Awards-Taiwan’s medical prowess making an international presence in healthcare, service, and marketing


China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) entered the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) Medical Travel Awards competition for the first time this year. At the award ceremony in Berlin, Germany, on December 3, 2019, CMUH was the winner of 2 IMTJ Awards in the categories of “Specialist international patient center” and “Best marketing initiative”, drawing international attention to Taiwan’s medical excellence. International Center received 2 IMTJ awards, including specialist international patient center and best marketing initiative CMUH was awarded 2 IMTJ International Medical Travel Awards this year in the categories of “Best marketing initiative” and “Specialist international patient center”. For the “Best marketing initiative” award, the judges commented that it was “Great thinking bringing up the human side of patients’ needs together with hospital generosity”. For the “Specialist international patient center” award, the judges expressed that “This project and the aims were clearly identified and there is evidence that the strategy adopted had results; congratulations!” The awards highlight Taiwan’s remarkable medical technologies, international medical services, and strength in international promotion and marketing, now recognized by the international community. “Patient-centered” and “outstanding holistic care” is one of the important values and missions of the hospital. Superintendent Der-Yang Cho stated that the International Center’s comprehensive medical services and expedited appointment times provided the highest quality of service and care for international patients. He thanked the International Center team for their hard work and dedication, letting the world see Taiwan’s excellence in medical care. Prior to the announcement of the award winners, Taiwan Global Healthcare Association Director Wen-Da Qiu congratulated CMUH and stated that this was the first time Taiwan was nominated by the world’s largest international medical association. Under the support of CMU and CMUH Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai and Superintendent Der-Yang Cho, CMUH is truly admirable in the field of international medical practice and is a paradigm for all of the groups and individual members of the Taiwan Global Healthcare Association. Taiwan Nongovernmental Hospital & Clinics Association Secretary General Ming-Yen Wu stated that the nomination of CMUH was a significant milestone as it would encourage more Taiwanese hospitals to participate in international awards. In the end, CMUH won 3 awards, becoming an inspiration for many. “A Perfect Pair” received over 10 million views online and sets a new example for a diverse and innovative model of international medical marketing When looking at the 2 awards for CMUH, the award for “Best Marketing Initiative” was largely due to the success of the 2018 short film “A Perfect Pair”, describing a patient case from Vietnam and receiving over 10 million views online. The case was initially a simple international medical philanthropy case sponsored by Hong Fu Industrial Group, a Taiwanese company in Vietnam. However, it soon became an international promotion for Taiwan’s medical brand, which drew the attention of the judges. This case incorporated the innovative and diverse capabilities of the International Center, as well as corporate charity, medical technological advancements at CMUH, and international physicians training at CMUH. Finally, with the support from the government, the case was produced into a short film and translated into seven different languages for promotion at the World Health Assembly. Taiwan’s Presidential Office, Taiwanese embassies, and the United States White House - Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, as well as other international government agencies, widely publicized the film, creating a new example in international medical marketing. International Center Superintendent Hung-Chi Chen, recognized in Taiwan and abroad as unrivalled in the area of integrated reconstructive microsurgery, successfully received an award in the category of “Specialist international patient center”. International Center demonstrated the power of teamwork and draws international publicity to the medical accomplishments of Taiwan International Center CEO Ai-Chi Chou indicated that winning these awards was a result of the many achievements made by CMUH’s international medicine in recent years. CMUH took Director Wen-Da Qiu’s advice when he encouraged hospitals to participate in international awards during the Taiwan Nongovernmental Hospital & Clinics Association director/supervisor meeting. He stated that, after many strategy meetings and reviews of Taiwan’s past achievements, now was the time to have the world recognize Taiwan’s medical potential and competitiveness. Among the 19 competition categories, CMUH entered 3 categories and was fortunate enough to win in 2 of them. CMUH appreciates the hospital management for supporting the entry into the competition. The team is not afraid of international competition and will continue to strive to provide the highest caliber of international medical care. To have the opportunity to provide this type of care to patients around the world is already the greatest award. IMTJ was established in 2007 and organizes the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards each year. The awards are judged by a team of 20 judges worldwide, who choose medical institutions with first-class and innovative medical services as finalists to attend the award ceremony. This year, CMUH stood out from the intense competition and received 2 awards, winning glory for Taiwan on the international stage. o:p>/o:p> CMUH was the winner of 2 IMTJ Awards in the categories of “Specialist international patient center” and “Best marketing initiative”, drawing international attention to Taiwan’s medical excellence. From left to right: Keith Pollard, IMTJ Editor in Chief; Aichi Chou, CMUH International Center CEO; Sarah Ward, IMTJ Medical Travel Awards Event Director; and Duncan Cheng, CMUH International Center Consulting Physician. Aichi Chou, CMUH International Center CEO, accepting the award for “Best marketing initiative” from Keith Pollard, IMTJ Editor in Chief, one of two IMTJ Medical Travel Awards received by CMUH. o:p>/o:p>

CMUH is the winner of 2 IMTJ A...

世界看見台灣! 這家醫院獲國際醫療旅遊大獎


2019年12月9日 下午2:00 健康醫療網/記者李依如報導 中國醫藥大學附設醫院首次參加全球知名的「國際醫療旅遊雜誌IMTJ」舉辦的2019醫療旅遊大獎,頒獎典禮在德國柏林舉行,中國附醫一舉拿下「最佳行銷策略」、「國際病人專科中心」兩項大獎,是唯一獲得兩獎的醫院,為台灣國際醫療爭光。 中國附醫獲兩獎 展現台灣醫療及行銷實力 中國附醫獲此兩項大獎,凸顯台灣卓越醫療技術與國際宣傳行銷的軟實力,獲得國際肯定,推昇台灣醫療國際品牌形象。中國附醫周德陽院長表示,中國附醫致力發展特色醫療,建立國際醫療「一條龍」、「綠色通道」的專業服務,提供病人良好醫療品質,感謝團隊通力合作與努力,讓世界看見台灣卓越醫療。 不畏懼國際競爭 展現高度執行力 中國附醫國際醫療中心周艾齊執行長代表醫院受獎時表示,在十九個比賽項目中,中國附醫精準報名三項,最佳行銷策略、國際病人專科中心、卓越客戶服務全部入圍,最後獲得兩大獎項,在「最佳行銷策略」獎項,把病患的需求和醫院的溫馨,成功結合在一起;在「國際病人專科中心」獎項,提案目標和策略明確,並有具體可檢驗的成果,感謝醫院長官支持參賽,團隊不畏懼國際競爭,展現高度的執行力,把國際醫療發揮得淋漓盡致。 全球30家醫療機構競爭 中國附醫台灣唯一獲獎 IMTJ成立於2007年,其所主辦的IMTJ醫療旅遊大獎由來自世界各地逾20名評審委組成的團隊,進一步評選出,一流又創新醫療服務的醫療院所機構進入最後決選。今年在德國柏林舉行頒獎典禮,台灣唯一入圍的中國附醫,和來自歐美亞非各洲,30家醫療機構一起進入決選;在激烈的競爭中,中國附醫獲得最佳行銷策略、國際病人專科中心二項大獎,為台灣爭光!

世界看見台灣! 這家醫院獲國際醫療旅遊大獎

三總成立國內首座微量元素研究中心 首瞄準三大研究


2019-10-25 13:00聯合報 記者羅真/台北即時報導 人體微量元素與生理機能、老化跟慢性病息息相關,為強化本土研究與醫療服務,三軍總醫院與「微量元素與礦物質歐洲聯合會」、「俄羅斯史卡尼博士實驗室」合作成立微量元素研究中心,首先瞄準三大研究,包括微量元素與退化性關節炎、新陳代謝疾病的關係,以及台灣本土人體正常值的界定。 三軍總醫院院長蔡建松表示,人體健康與微量元素密切相關,但科學研究還有很大的探究空間。三總與歐洲共同體微元素和礦物質研究聯合會副主席史卡尼(Anatoly Skalny)博士接觸已有兩年,去年11月簽署醫療合作備忘錄,今日共同揭牌啟動的研究中心可檢驗血液、唾液、精液、毛髮、指甲等各類檢體,檢測項目包含鋁、砷、鋅、鐵、錳、鈾等多達40種微量元素。 在研究方面,三軍總醫院臨床病理科主任商弘昇表示,三總與史卡尼博士決定優先進行的研究包括微量元素與退化性關節炎的關係、微量元素與新陳代謝疾病的關係、台灣本土人體微量元素正常值與異常值的界定等。 商弘昇表示,這個中心內部分成環境衛生與臨床應用兩部門,在環境衛生方面,國防醫學院公衛學院教授賴錦皇等人長期投入環境毒物學研究,未來就可藉此中心的資源深化研究;在臨床上,則可應用於運動員照護、員工體檢、疾病診斷、生理監測等,預計於今年底正式對民眾服務。 三軍總醫院於今舉行微量元素研究中心啟用儀式,由軍醫局副局長張宏(右三)主持剪綵暨揭牌典禮。記者羅真/攝影

三總成立國內首座微量元素研究中心 首瞄準三大研究

Guam patients receive life-changing care at Taiwan hospital


SUCCESS STORIES: Patients of the China Medical University Hospital in Taiwan watch video clips of their stories that were shared during the press conference at the Hyatt Regency Guam on Tuesday. From left to right, Joseph Lujan, Tony Palomo, and Theodore Nelson. Haruo Simion/The Guam Daily Post Ted Nelson was in his 40s and teaching at the University of Guam when he injured his back demonstrating a basketball move to kids in a youth development program. “It just went out,” he said. Nearly a decade of pain lay ahead for Nelson and the injury further hurt his hips and knees, he said. “I started deteriorating. I was really hurting,” said Nelson, now nearly 60. The physical pain and immobility took a hard toll on him, he said. Before the accident, he was very active, “I loved the outdoors, hiking, free diving, fishing, and hunting.” After multiple back surgeries, two in the Philippines and one in Hawaii, Nelson was still struggling and unable to walk. This summer he traveled to Taiwan and had two hip replacements and a nine-hour surgery on his back at the China Medical University in Taichung. Nelson spoke at a press conference on Tuesday held by the hospital at the Hyatt Regency Guam in Tumon. He said he is now, “100% better,” and hopes to be walking when he returns in February for a checkup. “I look at this as a new lease on life,” he said. Surgery helped man lose 235 pounds Thirty-four-year-old Joseph Lujan, a counselor with the Guam Department of Education, is half the man he was two years ago when he traveled to the China Medical University Hospital for a gastric bypass surgery, which significantly limits the size and capacity of the stomach. At 570 pounds, Lujan had to buy tickets for two plane seats for the trip to Taiwan. On Tuesday, he shared that he now weighs 235 pounds and is much more active and healthy. “So I have more energy to be up in front of my students,” he said. He said he will soon return to Taiwan for a checkup at the hospital. “Now I only have to purchase one ticket, which is awesome,” he said. Dr. Hsien-Te Chen, the director of the Spine Center at China Medical University Hospital, discussed the specialized care at the center and explained other successful surgeries he has performed there. Dr. Chih-Kun Huang spoke about the success of the BMI Center where Lujan received his surgery. The hospital accepts several health insurance providers, including Aetna, Cigna, NetCare, Staywell and TakeCare. (Written by Lannie Walker and provided by The Guam Daily Post on 2019/10/16)

Guam patients receive life-cha...



2019-09-26 20:16聯合報 記者趙容萱╱即時報導 台灣醫療軟實力在國際發光!中國醫藥大學附設醫院首次參加今年全球知名的國際醫療旅遊雜誌醫療旅遊大獎,入圍國際病人專科中心、最佳行銷策略,以及卓越客戶服務等三項大獎,其中院方結合台商宏福實業集團慈善贊助治療越南象腿女孩阮氏巒為題材的「阿巒的作文課」短片創下超過千萬人次點擊,入圍最佳行銷策略,12月3日將在德國柏林舉行頒獎典禮。 國際醫療旅遊雜誌醫療旅遊大獎成立於2007年,由來自世界各地逾20名評審委組成的團隊,評選出創新醫療院所機構。 中國附醫國際醫療中心執行長周艾齊說,感謝院方支持,中國附醫在19個比賽項目中報名3項,全數入圍,相當幸運。除了入園最佳行銷策略,中國附醫榮獲遠見雜誌三次醫療院所業五星服務獎、獲國際病患極高滿意度,入圍「卓越客戶服務」,以及中國附醫國際醫療中心院長陳宏基整合式顯微重建技術獨步全球,順利入圍「國際病人專科中心」獎項。 國際醫療衛生促進協會理事長邱文達表示,這是台灣第一次在國際醫療協會入圍,中國附醫在國際醫療領域的執行力與國際觀令人敬佩,這也是國際醫療衛生促進協會會員的典範。 台灣私立醫療院所協會秘書長吳明彥認為,中國附醫入圍此獎相當難得,盼鼓勵更多台灣的醫院參加國際獎項的評選。 中國附醫結合台商慈善贊助治療越南象腿女孩阮氏巒(右二)為題材的「阿巒的作文課」短片創下超過千萬人次點擊。圖/本報資料照片 中國附醫結合台商慈善贊助治療越南象腿女孩阮氏巒(右一)為題材的「阿巒的作文課」短片,創下超過千萬人次點擊。圖/中國附醫國際醫療中心提供




▲國泰醫院與越南越德醫院簽署MOU。(圖/國泰醫院提供) 醫療新南向又傳好消息!有鑑於國泰醫院多年來在醫療資訊開發以及運用相關專業,越南的越德醫院(Viet Duc Hspital)與國泰醫院雙方簽署醫療合作備忘錄(MOU),希望幫助越德醫院解決長久以來的急診壅塞困境。 越德醫院是北越最大的外傷手術中心,每天接受大量的轉診病人,但因急診檢傷手術分級、手術排程仰賴人為調控,及缺乏資訊系統,造成急診長期壅塞,平均一天約有40位病人在急診等候手術。 配合政府新南向政策,今年8月國泰綜合醫院與財團法人醫院評鑑暨醫療品質策進會攜手組成智慧醫療團隊前往越德醫院,進行智慧醫療案評估與導入計劃。團隊由國泰醫院急診醫學部主任陳健驊領軍,資訊部、品質管理中心、護理部等相關專業領域人員共同組成。 醫療團隊檢視越德醫院的急診運作發現,在轉送的過程中,越德醫院因無法事先得知病人到院前的狀況,進而影響後續處置時效;此外,急診檢傷缺乏資訊系統協助,手術分級及手術排程仰賴人為等問題,都是造成病人無法有效分流、人力資源無法有效運用,導致急診壅塞的原因。 陳健驊指出,無法得知病人到院前狀況及缺乏手術排程系統,影響甚大,因無法事先掌握病人病情,便不能事先備妥手術室或是病房,導致每位經轉送過來的病人都只能在急診耗時等候,等候手術或是病房,造成急診壅塞、人滿為患。 為促使醫療資源能有效應用,國泰醫院與越德醫院簽署台越醫療合作備忘錄(MOU),駐越南台北經濟文化代表處陳錦鈴公使、越南河內衛生局Dr. Tran Quy Tuong 及Dr. Pham Xuan Viet共同出席見證簽署。 未來國泰醫院將協助越德建置急診醫療資訊系統,包括導入到院前救護遠距醫療系統、建立急診檢傷與手術排程資訊系統,取代現行人為調控。10月起越德更將派遣3位專業人員至國泰醫院接受培訓,透過資訊系統的導入,幫助越德醫院急診流程智慧化,提升醫療品質。 (轉載自 2019/9/10 ETtoday新聞雲 )


發現穆斯林醫療需求 北市第2家醫院獲認證


台北市政府衛生局今天(19日)宣布,台北市北投健康管理醫院獲得穆斯林友善醫療院所認證,這是繼台安醫院後的第2家獲認證的醫院。北市衛生局表示,他們所轄的聯合醫院也正積極申請中,希望打造更友善穆斯林的醫療環境,一方面照顧國內的穆斯林民眾,二方面也吸引國際穆斯林來台旅遊。 台北市衛生局19日宣布台北市北投健康管理醫院獲得穆斯林友善醫療院所認證(Muslim Friendly Hospital Certificate),這也是繼台安醫院之後,台北市的第2家穆斯林友善醫院。 北市衛生局引用衛生福利部2014年到2018年的資料指出,每年平均約有8,000位來自馬來西亞、印尼以及中東地區的國際病人使用台北市的醫療資源;另外,台灣穆斯林常住人口約有30萬人,而大台北地區就有8萬人,且萬事達卡國際組織發布2019年全球穆斯林旅遊指數(Global Muslim Travel Index, GMTI),更指出台灣是非伊斯蘭教合作組織最佳旅遊目的地的第3名,顯示健全友善穆斯林環境有其必要;因此,北市衛生局進一步表示,北市聯合醫院也正積極辦理資格認證,要持續增加台北市的穆斯林友善醫院。 獲認證的北投健康管理醫院副院長魏聰文表示,他們除了進行員工教育訓練、闢建男女祈禱室、規劃獨立備膳區、獲清真認證的合格食材、建置淨下設施等外,也安排專屬人力服務前來健檢或就醫的穆斯林民眾,希望開發潛在的穆斯林市場。他說:『(原音)台灣欠缺的就是穆斯林友善環境,所以如果我們可以提供友善的餐飲跟醫院,我想台灣在全球廣大穆斯林市場很有開發潛力,我們的醫療品質絕對不會輸馬來西亞,馬來西亞一年服務穆斯林超過百萬人次,我想台灣(能力)應該不止。』 北市府表示,為了積極開拓穆斯林旅遊市場,他們除了前往印尼與馬來西亞舉辦推廣活動外,也邀請踩線團來台體驗友善穆斯林的醫療環境,希望讓台北成為穆斯林的必遊城市。 台北市北投健康管理醫院獲得穆斯林友善醫療院所認證。(圖:北投健康管理醫院) (轉載自2019-08-19 中央廣播電台)

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旅外人士調查 台灣重登全球最適合居住就業國家


根據旅外人士交流網站InterNations調查,台灣名列2019年全球最適合居住和就業國家排行榜榜首,睽違2年重登冠軍寶座。受歡迎理由包括擁有良好的醫療和生活品質及就業機會。 總部在德國慕尼黑的InterNations連續6年發布「旅外人士圈內人」(Expat Insider)年度調查報告,今年有超過2萬名旅居國外人士回覆,針對全球64個國家就生活品質、個人財務、就業情況、適應難度、生活成本和家庭生活等面向進行評比。 台灣在今年調查總得分高居所有國家之首,繼2016年奪冠後重登第一,2017和2018年則分別落居第4和第2位。 在旅外人士眼中,台灣傲視所有其他國家的優點是醫療可負擔度,高達89%的受訪者感到滿意,遠高於全球平均滿意度55%。台灣的醫療品質也受讚賞,滿意度達92%,相較於全球平均為65%。 此外,台灣的生活品質是一大優點,在所有國家中排名第3。高達96%的受訪者滿意在台灣的個人安全,相較於全球平均為81%;78%的受訪者同意適應台灣生活不難,相較全球平均為59%;88%的受訪者感覺台灣人普遍友善,遠高於全球平均的68%。 旅外人士對台灣的就業展望滿意度還高居所有國家第二位,給予正面評價的比例達65%,高於全球平均的55%。旅居台灣的唯一阻礙似乎是學習當地語言,52%的受訪者坦言在這方面有困難。 英國「電訊報」(The Telegraph)報導,一名來自南非的旅外人士回覆調查時表示:「台灣人非常樂於助人,真心替人設想。」一名加拿大籍旅外人士則說:「我在台灣找到家的感覺。在這個友善的島嶼上,我找到和平、愛和健康。」 InterNations創辦人暨共同執行長齊克(MalteZeeck)表示:「台灣在我們過去幾年調查中一直表現非常優異。說到台灣的強項,沒有其他國家在醫療品質和醫療可負擔程度上表現更好,從台灣列入調查以來一向如此。」 今年排名前10的國家依序是:1.台灣2.越南3.葡萄牙4.墨西哥5.西班牙6.新加坡7.巴林8.厄瓜多9.馬來西亞10.捷克。 (轉載自2019-09-06 聯合新聞網)

旅外人士調查 台灣重登全球最適合居住就業國家

秀傳醫薩刀成功治療 菲籍罕見疾病病患慶重生


2019-07-23 14:52聯合報 記者劉明岩╱即時報導 菲律賓班奈島人Fabiala Michael因罹患「性聯遺傳肌張力障礙帕金森症候群」,經秀傳醫院神經科團隊使用醫薩刀(超音波腦神經治療儀),成功改善步態不穩及手術對側的失張症及帕金森症候群,得以重回正常生活。 秀傳今年4月及7月共治療3位病人,其中的Fabiala Michael今天上午到彰濱秀傳健康園區歡慶重生,他的母親感動落淚,感謝秀傳全額贊助,以及從接機到治療的全程陪伴。 秀傳醫院表示,班奈島(Panay)是國際知名的旅遊景點,擁有美麗的沙灘,和善的居民,可是島上居民卻有一個罕為人知的遺傳疾病「Lubag症」,中譯 為「性聯遺傳肌張力障礙帕金森症候群」,在班奈島約每10萬人有5.74人患有此症,平均發病年齡為39歲,平均壽命為56歲。 彰濱秀傳醫院神經內科林煒醫師表示,罹患「Lubag症」的患者多數早期由各種失張症表現至中期合併帕金森症候群,患者往往在青壯年時期就喪失工作能力,而後死於感染及步態不穩導致的相關疾病。此類疾病對於處於人生巔峰期的病人造成極大的心理衝擊,家人往往束手無策,2017年在菲律賓總醫院與美國麻省總醫院合作下,終於找出了基因中與疾病發病年齡的反相關,但到目前為止,藥物治療始終沒辦法獲得良好的成效。 林煒說,由於秀傳醫療體系長期與菲律賓總醫院合作,當得知菲律賓竟有那麼難治遺傳疾病,總裁黃明和今年1月帶領秀傳神經內外科醫療小組前往評估及商討後續治療,決定醫薩刀為最有潛力的治療方式,以精密儀器針對患者的張力調控路徑進行調節,成功改善步態不穩及手術對側的失張症及帕金森症候群。 菲律賓班奈島人Fabiala Michael因罹患「性聯遺傳肌張力障礙帕金森症候群」,經秀傳醫院神經科團隊使用醫薩刀成功改善症狀,今天他在彰濱秀傳健康園區切蛋糕歡慶重生,他的媽媽(右2)及妻子(右1)都十分欣喜。照片/秀傳醫院提供

秀傳醫薩刀成功治療 菲籍罕見疾病病患慶重生
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