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Landseed International Hospital

The Best Choice for Global Patient

Value-added Services:

◎ Direct Insurance Billing
◎ Integrate Taiwan's Top Medical Resources
◎ Tele-Consultation
◎ Medical Tourism Projects
◎ International Emergency Medical Transportation

One-stop Services:
◎ Medical Consultation & Planning
◎ Outpatient, Emergency, Admission & Physical Examination
◎ Translation
◎ Visa Procession
◎ Accommodation & Transportation






Service Provision


Travel Information

  • Scenic Spots (in 5 KM, Total 35 items)
  • Accommodations (in 5 KM, Total 0 items)
  • Restaurants (in 5 KM, Total 28 items)
    • Y.Y. CHOU COFFEE Phone:886-3-4313260 Address:No.87, Guangyu N. St., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City Taiwán, R.O.C
    • Hao Nan Chi Beef Noodles (好難吃牛肉麵) Phone:886-3-4880219 Address:No. 592, Xinnong St., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City 326
    • Mrs. Li's Seafood Store Phone:886-3-4813852 Address:Taoyuan City326Yangmei Dist.1F., No.36, Wanda Rd.
    • Ganchuan Fish Noodle Phone:886-3-4758969 Address:No.47, Siwei Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City Taiwán, R.O.C
    • The Yunnan House Phone:886-3-4608287 Address:No. 39, Pingdong Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 324
    • 7Yunnan (A-May Noodles) Phone:886-3-4508907 Address:No.46 Longnan Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 324
    • Tang's Rice Noodle Phone:886-3-4561274 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No.214, Longdong Rd.
    • Zhongli Florist Tourist Farm Phone:886-3-4688545 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.326, Section 2, Houxing Road
    • Shi Ji Big Lumpia (食記大潤餅) Phone:886-3-4224489 Address:320Taoyuan CityZhongli Dist.On the corner of Zhongzheng Road and Jianguo Road
    • "Yi Zhang Zhuo" Yun Gui cuisine Phone:886-3-4939200 Address:No.126, Guang-ming Rd, Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320
    • Triangle Hakka Bun Vegetable Restaurant Phone:886-3-4257508 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.272, Zhongzheng Road
    • Mama Liu Vegetable Bun Restaurant Phone:886-3-4225226 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.268, Zhongzheng Road
    • Shin Jen Shian Candy Shop Phone:886-3-4222653 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No.146, ZhongPing Road
    • Gao-ji Old Brand Redhearted Tapioca (高記老牌紅心粉圓) Phone:886-3-4667723 Address:320Taoyuan CityZhongli Dist.F1,125, Li-Xing North Street
    • Lao San Niu Jia Zhuang Phone:886-3-4255697 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No.163, Zhongping Rd.
    • Peng-Lai Fruit and Ice Shop Phone:886-886-3-3322101 Address:No. 180, Zhong-ping Road, Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320
    • Dad's Lover Phone:886-3-4911499 Address:401, Zhongshan Road, Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320
    • Lao Pai Xin Min Beef Noodles Phone:886-3-4935896 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No.65,Minquan Rd.
    • The Big Tree Shredded Ice (榕樹下綿綿冰) Phone:886-9-38388858 Address:320Taoyuan CityZhongli Dist.No. 83, Zhong-shan Road
    • WGB Lakeside Restaurant Phone:886-3-4987433 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No. 56, Lane 1, Fuda Rd, Guoling Village
    • Zhongli Niu Jia Zhuang Phone:886-3-4225496 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No.16, Ln. 76,Sec. 1, Zhongyang W. Rd.
    • Zen Humanistic Garden Restaurant Phone:886-3-4250589 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.32, Guanan Street
    • Subaozhai "Belly Button Cake" Phone:886-3-4251990 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No. 3, Section 1, Zhongmei Road
    • Zhongli Tourist Night Market Phone:886-3-3322101 Address:Beside Zhungli Hsin-min Elementary School., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City Taiwán, R.O.C
    • Yong Chuan Beef Noodles Phone:886-3-4953402 Address:Taoyuan City320Zhongli Dist.No.62, Minquan Rd.
    • Chungyuan Food Street Phone:886-3-3322101 Address:Zhongyuan Rd and Zhongyi Rd, Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City Taiwán, R.O.C
    • Tian Zhong Xiang Garden Tourist Farm (田中香花園農莊) Phone:886-3-4988223 Address:21, neighborhood 3, Neicuo Li, Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320
    • Baroque-Style Garden Restaurant Phone:886-886-3-3322101 Address:256, Lane 88, Section 4, Zhongzhen Road, Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320
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