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The Mountain Theater of U Theatre

Phone:886-2-27208889 Address:116 Taipei CityWenshan Dist.No. 30, Lane 26, Laoquan St.
The Mountain Theater of U Theatre occupies an area of more than 1,000 pings (approx. 3,300 m2) in the Laoquan Village on Mt. Laokeng. It was founded by U Theatre's artistic director, Liu Ruo-Yu to practice for the Mountain Project pioneered by Jerzy Grotowski, a Polish icon of experimental theatre. This facility is expected to enable the U Theatre performers to merge drumming, meditation and Chinese martial arts in a serene setting, away from the downtown bustle. It is worth noting that the performers built their own rehearsal area by laying down the wooden structures and crossties. The Mountain Theater consists of two parts: a wooden house for the performers' meditation sessions and drumming practices that is off-limits to visitors without reservations, and an open stage for commercial performances and rehearsals, which is open to the public. This one and only mountaintop amphitheater in Taiwan that overlooks the Taipei Basin; it attracts many hikers and sightseers even on busy weekdays. In 2007, Taipei City's Cultural Heritage Review Committee decided to list the venue as a cultural landscape the following year for such contribution as "a culturally significant display of human-nature interactions", "a historical, cultural, artistic or scientific value that is commemorative, representative or distinctive", "period-specific or of social importance" and "rarity".
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