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The Eagle Hovering Changhua

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Bagua Mountain Range, situated at the east side of Changhua, is a habitat for the migrating birds. The most famous birds are the Gray-faced Buzzard and Chinese Sparrow Hawks, which comes to this area in March and April every year. They come in large flocks of as many as 20 to 30 thousand birds. It is a spectacular sight when they surge to the sky in a large orderly formation. This is a major annual bird watching event of Changhua County, as well as the best field trip opportunity to learn how preservation work is done for the birds and their habitats.Ideal Eagle Watching Time:Around Qingming Festival time, the cloudy sky and high humidity of the monsoon season often forces them to perch in this area. Sometimes they fly as low as 300 to 500 meters above the ground and sometimes they surge into the sky in masses along the air current. The sight is spectacular. Nicknames of Gray-faced Buzzard Hawk:Gray-faced Buzzards get their name because they have a gray patch on the face. Because they return to the central region of Taiwan on their northbound migration during the Qingming Season; therefore, they are also known to the local folks as the Qingming Bird or Ancestor Day Bird. And since they always come into the central Taiwan region from the south, some people call them the Southern Eagles.Let's Know More:Other birds living in Baguashan Region during summer times are: Black-napped Blue Monarch, Chinese Bulbul, Muller's Barbet, sparrows, and Japanese White-eye, as well as summer migrating bird, Oriental Cuckoo. Winter migrating birds passing by this area include Brown Shrike, Siberian Blue-tail, and Daurian Redstart. There is a very interesting ecology worth exploring.
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