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Jiying Temple in Jingmei

Phone:886-2-27208889 Address:116 Taipei CityWenshan Dist.No. 37, Jingmei St., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116
The Wenshan area of Taipei was first settled by immigrants from Anxi County in China about 400 years ago. They chose this area for its moist mountain climate, which was well suited for growing tea. They also brought their local gods, including Baoyi Zunwang, Baoyi Dafu and Qingshui Zushi. At that time, the settlers came mainly from three clans: the Kaos, Changs and Lins. As their numbers grew, the wilderness receded to cultivated land extending from Jingmei to Muzha, Shenkeng and Shiding. The gods also joined in this migration with the establishment of three temples, one of which is the Jiying Temple at Jingmei Market, established by the Kao clan.Located in the old part of Jingmei, Jiying Temple is designated as a grade three historic site. The temple is imposing both inside and out, with elaborate stone engravings, wooden window frames and other decorative touches adding to its old-world charm.
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