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Taipei Zoo

Phone:886-2-29382300 Address:116 116 , Wenshan Dist., Taipei City
The Taipei Zoo is one of the ten largest municipal zoos in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia. Getting there is easy: just take the MRT Muzha Line southbound all the way to the terminal station. As the zoo is home to more than 400 animal species rest assured there rsquo;s plenty to see! The zoo includes 7 indoor exhibits each with different themes.At the Insectarium you rsquo;ll meet several butterfly species unique to Taiwan. Next you won rsquo;t want to miss the hugely popular Koala House and Penguin House. There are also two giant pandas from China! These animals are the Zoo rsquo;s resident celebrities so be sure to check them out! The star of the zoo used to be the Asian Elephant ldquo;Grandpa Lin Wang rdquo; who lived to the ripe old age of 86. Lin rsquo;s longevity mdash;20 years older than most Asian Elephants mdash;was hailed by zoologists as a miracle. After his death Lin was stuffed and put on display and now enjoys the distinction of being the world rsquo;s largest stuffed Asian Elephant! You can see him on display in the Education Center. Apart from the indoor exhibits the Taipei Zoo also features 8 outdoor exhibit areas. The latter are divided according to geographical environment and possess educational value both as exhibits and ecological environments. The ldquo;Children rsquo;s Zoo rdquo; ldquo;Formosan Animal Area rdquo; and ldquo;African Animal Area rdquo; are the most popular according to Internet voting. The Formosan Animal Area includes endemic species like Formosan sika deer Taiwan macaque and Swinhoe rsquo;s pheasant. These animals can only be found in Taiwan mdash;definitely worth a look!
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