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Maokong Gondola

Phone:886-2-27208889 Address:116 Taipei CityWenshan Dist.
Witha total length of 4.03 kilometers, the Maokong Gondola is the first gondolasystem in Taipei City. One-way travel time on the gondola is about 20 to 30minutes. The gondola ride includes four stops, namely the Taipei Zoo Station, TaipeiZoo South Station, Zhinan Temple Station, and the Maokong Station. It is veryeasy to ride the Maokong Gondola; after getting off the last stop of theMetro's Wenhu Line—Taipei Zoo Station—walk to the Maokong Gondola's Taipei ZooStation to take the gondola.Thethree most beautiful times to take the gondola are in the midst after rain,when the sun is setting, and when the lights of the city are shining at night.As the gondola passes over the undulating terrain, you can glimpse moving Metrotrains, the park along the Jingmei River, and the"giraffe" incinerator. When you reach the second stop, the gondolatakes a big turn, and you will get a panoramic view of the landscape, includingvehicles moving along the freeway below. After passing the Zhinan Temple Station,you will enter a steep V-shaped gully; this is the climax of the gondola ride,and is an unforgettable experience.Thefinal stop is at Maokong, where numerous tea plantations and tea shops arelocated. Many visitors specially make the trip here to have tea and chat. Makesure to visit a tea shop and order the famous "Muzha Tieguanyin" or "WenshanPouchong tea" when you visit Maokong. The trip will be worth your while whenyou taste the delicious specialty tea and meal combo, and view the stunningscenery of Taipei Basin.
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