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Nightscape-viewing from Yangmingshan

Phone:886-2-23491500 Address:111 111 No. 55, Huagang Rd., Yangmingshan, Shilin Dist., Taipei City
The nightscape viewed from Yangmingshan is a famous tourism attraction of Taipei City. In addition to Yangde Blvd. where uphill travelers will be mesmerized by the dark sky sprayed with blinking stars merged with a shimmering sea of city lights the locations in Yangmingshan popular with nightscape-viewers also include: the Baiyun Villa Zhuzihu Scenic Lookout Yonggong Rd. Lin Yutang House and the road that bypasses Yangmingshan National Park and leads to Dinghu or Beitou. Likewise the Erziping Recreational Area and Qingtiangang are both terrific stargazing spots known for a panoramic view. With a premium location close enough to the Taipei Basin and a slope steep enough the iconic back-hills of Chinese Culture University offer a bird rsquo;s eye view of the city cloaked by night and an illusion of being sucked into the nebulous dreamily lit windows below.
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